Everything you need to know about Basavanagudi, Bangalore

Basavanagudi is among the poshest localities in Bangalore. The neighbourhood is primarily residential, with a few high-end stores scattered throughout. It is situated on the outskirts of Jaynagar, in south Bangalore. Basavanagudi derives its name from the Bull Temple, which has a monolith sculpture of a Nandi bull. Basava means “bull,” and gudi means “temple” in Kannada. The residents of Basavanagudi enjoy easy access to major public transportation hubs. The neighbourhood is only 4.6 km from the Bangalore City Railway Station and 36 km from the Kempegowda International Airport. There are multiple recreational zones located in Basavanagudi, such as DVG Road. It is the main commercial road in Basavanagudi and has stores dating back to the 1920s. Owing to its historical legacy, it has some of the oldest high-end restaurants in Bangalore.

Top gated communities of Basavanagudi. Bangalore

1. Sycon Heritage, Basavanagudi

The Sycon Heritage is one of Basavanagudi’s most opulent residential developments. It is a meticulously planned complex area aiming to provide its residents with a luxurious and rewarding lifestyle. The large and well-maintained flats maximise the useable space in each flat. The property also has all of the required facilities. It has 24-hour security, backup electricity, running water, a children’s play area, visitor parking, rainwater harvesting, garbage disposal, and so on.

Highlights and amenities of Sycon Heritage
Type of apartments: 3 BHK apartments.
Area per apartment: 2023 sq. ft. to 2638 sq. ft.
Number of apartments: 26 apartments.

Address: Kankanpalya Main Rd, Kanakapura, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004

2. Svasa Homes, Basavanagudi

Svasa Homes, located in Basavanagudi, is the ideal site for anyone wishing to relocate to the city. The apartment complex is situated on 3 acres of land and is well-kept, with all the required amenities such as running water, power backup, a parking area, an elevator, and security. The area is close to several schools and institutions and is just a short walk from the nearest hospital.

Highlights and amenities of Svasa Homes
Types of apartments: 3 BHK to 5 BHK apartments
Area per apartment: 3400 sq. ft. to 6264 sq. ft.
Number of apartments: 132 apartments.

Address: 13, Mata Sharada Devi Road, off Bull Temple Rd, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560019

3. NR Kaveri Manor, Basavanagudi

NR Kaveri Manor is a freshly built luxury apartment complex near Basavanagudi’s famed MN Krishna Rao Park. The apartment complex is well-located, providing tenants with convenient access to necessary services and recreational places. The complex has several facilities, including 24×7 security, water and power backups, a designated parking space, and many more. It is among the finest places in Basavanagudi to move to and enjoy a luxurious and fulfilling lifestyle.

Highlights and amenities of NR Kaveri Manor
Types of apartments: 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments.
Area per apartment: 1480 sq. ft. to 1643 sq. ft.
Number of apartments: 40 apartments.

Address: Krishna Rajendra Rd, Gandhi Bazaar, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004.

4. Legacy Belicia, Basavanagudi

The Legacy Belicia apartment complex in Basavanagudi is semi-luxurious. It is a well-kept residential complex, and inhabitants enjoy close access to recreational places and public transportation facilities. 24-hour security, running water, guest parking, and security guards. The location is close to several schools, universities, and hospitals.

Highlights and amenities of Legacy Belicia
Types of apartments: 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments
Area per apartment: 2770 sq. ft. to 3510 sq. ft.
Number of apartments: 9 apartments.

Address: XH29+M4W, Shankarapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004

5. Platinium Ananda, Basavanagudi

Platinium Ananda is a well-planned and meticulously created complex area that offers its residents a rich and rewarding lifestyle. The large and meticulously maintained flats maximise useable space in each property. The property also has all of the required facilities. It has 24-hour security, backup electricity, running water, a children’s play area, visitor parking, rainwater harvesting, garbage disposal, and so on.

Highlights and amenities of Platinium Ananda
Type of apartment: 3 BHK apartments.
Area per apartment: 2800 sq. ft. to 3200 sq. ft.
Number of apartments: 110 apartments.

Address: 99/4, Bull Temple Rd, Mahantara Lay Out, Kempegowda Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560019.

Things to do in Basavanagudi, Bangalore

1. Visit the famous Bull Temple

Bull Temple

The Bull Temple, also known as the Nandi Temple, is a Hindu temple in south Bangalore. It is regarded as one of Bangalore’s most notable and oldest temples. The main draw here is a massive figure of Nandi carved out of a granite rock. The temple was built during the Kempe Gowdas and is modelled in the Vijayanagara style of architecture. The temple is one of the most popular tourist attractions in south Bangalore. A must-visit place for tourists in South Bangalore.

2. Enjoy a stroll through the Dodda Ganapathi Temple

Dodda Ganapathi Temple, located on Bull Temple Road in Basavanagudi, Bangalore, is indisputably one of the city’s holiest sanctuaries. This temple is famous for its massive monolith of Lord Ganesha, which stands roughly 18 feet tall and 16 feet wide. Every day hundreds of devotees from all across the city and nation flock to Dodda Ganapathi Temple daily. The ideal time to visit this temple is early morning when the crowds are minimal, and one can enjoy a calm meander through and around the temple.

3. Visit the historic Bugle Rock park

Bugle Rock, among the oldest known rock formations, gets its name from an ancient tradition of a sentinel raising a lamp and sounding a bugle to warn people of an intruder or to inform everyone that the area is secure. The park is spread across a massive area and is considered the lungs of southern Bangalore. It is famous among the residents for its natural beauty, jogging tracks, and outdoor gym equipment.

4. Outings with family in Ranadheera Kanteerava Park

Ranadheera Kanteerava Park is one of Bangalore’s most famous and well-kept parks in Jayanagar. It has various statues of historical emperors and monarchs and an open gym for men and women. The area also contains poetic writings by several well-known Kannada writers.

5. Weekends at Garuda Mall

Garuda Mall is one of the largest and most famous malls in Bangalore. The mall is home to one of the oldest shopping centres in the city. Garuda Mall has all kinds of stores, from luxury brands to affordable clothing line-ups; it is easy to find everything. The food court is also quite large and has all the major fast-food chains available. People from all walks of life flock to the mall during the weekends and enjoy quality time with friends and family.

Places to visit in Basavanagudi, Bangalore

Places to visit in Basavanagudi

1. Gandhi Bazaar

Gandhi Bazaar is one of the busiest markets in southern Bangalore. The market is usually full of beautiful flowers and food. There are several well-known showrooms for clothing, confectionery, kitchenware, and dry fruits. It has good traffic management, and the roadways are clean and well-maintained.

Address: 61, Gandhi Bazaar Main Rd, Gandhi Bazaar, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004.

2. Basavanagudi Aquatic Centre

Basavanagudi Aquatic Centre is one of the most famous places for anything related to swimming. It is regarded as the top institution for swimming training as it has produced multiple Olympians and has a decorated cabinet of more than 2000+ national level medals. Basavanagudi Aquatic Centre is no less than a dream come true for anyone looking to get top-quality and serious swimming training.

Address: Plot No.43, Corporation Swimming Pool, Pampa Mahakavi Rd, near National College, Sankarapuram, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004.

3. Mahalakshmi Tiffin Room

Mahalakshmi Tiffin Room is a well-known restaurant in Basavanagudi for its delicious North and South Indian food. It is one of the most excellent venues in Basavanagudi to spend time with family and friends. The atmosphere is laid-back, and the service is kind. A visit to this place will never fail to remind you of the glorious 80s and 90s.

Address: DVG Road, Gandhi Bazaar, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004

4. VB Bakery

This bakery will enchant anybody with a sweet tooth with its excellent selection of cakes, pastries, muffins, and sweets. The business has been open for decades and is synonymous with high quality and genuine flavour. A visit to this place will cost around 400 rupees for two people.

Address: No.20, Sajjan Rao Cir, Vishweshwarapura, Shankarapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004

5. By 2 Coffee

By 2 Coffee is undoubtedly the finest site to pique your interest in coffee. A budget-friendly restaurant with high-quality meals. Everything provided here is excellent, and the pleasant demeanour of the employees contributes to the fantastic encounter. It is a must-see attraction in Basavanagudi. The weekend will be packed, but the wait will be worthwhile.

Address: 22/1, Police Station Rd, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004

FAQs about Basavanagudi, Bangalore

What is the distance from Basavanagudi to the airport?

The Kempegowda International Airport is just 36.1 km away from Basavanagudi. It takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach the airport in a private vehicle.

What are the best hospitals in Basavanagudi?

Basavanagudi has multiple quality hospitals located around the locality. Basavanagudi Medical Centre, A.V. Hospital, and Medcare Hospital are some of the best healthcare institutes in town.

What are the best schools in Basavanagudi?

There is no shortage of excellent educational institutions in Basavanagudi. Some of the best schools in Basavanagudi are Sri Chaitanya School, New Generation School, and The Kenmore English School.

What are the best gyms in Basavanagudi?

Some of the best gyms in Basavanagudi are Gold’s Gym, Finix Fitness, and Cult Fitness.

What are the best parks in Basavanagudi?

Basavanagudi is one of the greenest areas of southern Bangalore, and it has numerous parks scattered around the locality. Some of the best and most popular parks in Basavanagudi are Bugle Rock Park, M.N. Krishna Park, and Shamanna Park.

What are the nearest bus stations to Basavanagudi?

The Netakallappa Circle and Basavanagudi Police Station bus stops are the closest bus stations to Basavanagudi.


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