Best Places To Live in Jodhpur

Best Places To Live in Jodhpur

In the fourteenth century, Rao Jodha built the stunning city of Jodhpur. It is one of Rajasthan’s most livable locations. The city is close to the Thar Biosphere and is surrounded by hills. It is regarded as one of Rajasthan’s most developed cities. It is an urbanised town that provides good employment opportunities and is also known as Suncity.

This city is attracting more people. A total of 233.5 square kilometres make up the city. The area provides a wide range of appealing housing and living options. In Jodhpur, there is a huge variety in the real estate market. Some of the most expensive and least expensive real estate in Rajasthan can be found there.

A good choice for real estate investors is Jodhpur. People can make large profits thanks to the growing population and rising demand for real estate. The second-largest city in Rajasthan, Jodhpur, has a variety of lovely neighbourhoods, including gated colonies and societies.

This review will examine the ideal neighbourhood in Jodhpur for residents.

Best Residential Area in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is a sizable city that occupies an area of almost 233.5 square kilometres. There are two sections to the city. The first one is the historic district, which is close to the Mehrangarh fort. Other areas of Jodhpur contain the other settlements. Here, we examine the top residential neighbourhood in Jodhpur where you can create the house of your dreams.

1. Shastri Nagar

It is regarded as Jodhpur’s most affluent neighbourhood. In Jodhpur, it is well known for having the highest real estate prices. The elite club of the city prefers to live in this area because of its prime location. In the area, there are numerous public hospitals.

The best feature of this neighbourhood is Shastri Park, a large central park that offers lots of opportunities for recreation. Nearby, one can find a lovely marketplace and a food stand. Numerous reputable schools are located nearby. The airport and train station are both relatively close to the area.

  • Distance from Railway Station: 3.5 Km
  • Distance from Airport: 6.2 Km

2. Defense Lab Road, Ratanda

The Ratanada neighbourhood of Jodhpur is home to Defence Lab Road. The army area and Umaid Bhawan Palace are both close by. Some of the most affluent families in Jodhpur reside in these stunning homes, which are all very beautiful. The location is surrounded by every amenity and facility imaginable. There are a lot of upscale dining establishments here, including cafes.

The location is close to all of the city’s major tourist attractions and the old town. The airport and train station are both very close to the location. In this area, there are a lot of clubs and gyms.

  • Distance from Railway Station: 3.8 Km
  • Distance from Airport: 2.8 Km

3. Dev Nagar

Famous Jodhpur neighbourhood Dev Nagar is located close to Pal Link Road. The neighbourhood has excellent access to the rest of the city. The region is home to numerous exquisite private villas and apartments. Only in dev Nagar is the most renowned and opulent flat in Jodhpur, known as Arihant ayati. The exterior of this community is surrounded by a well-built market area.

The area is ideal for residential living and is surrounded by markets, hospitals, and schools.

  • Distance from Railway Station: 4.9 Km
  • Distance from Airport: 7.7 Km

4. Chopasni Housing Board

It is a residential and commercial area in Jodhpur that was cut by the government. It is segmented into various sectors and covered by a sizable area. Here, you can find both affordable and expensive properties. In this area, there are numerous commercial and residential spaces for sale.

Different population classes reside in the city thanks to its diversity. This region is home to a large number of gardens, markets, schools, and satellite hospitals.

  • Distance from Railway Station: 7.0 Km
  • Distance from Airport: 9.8 Km

5. Kheme Ka Kua

Building a home here is a great idea. The area is changing drastically quickly. There are a lot of gated communities in this region. It is one of the city’s thriving real estate areas thanks to its proximity to AIIMS and Pal Road. In this area, there are numerous housing options. It has excellent access to the marketplace, bhagat ki Kothi railway station, banks, schools, and hospitals.

  • Distance from Railway Station: 6.3 Km
  • Distance from Airport: 9.1 Km

The Gated Societies To Stay in Jodhpur

1. Umaid Heritage

Many people consider it to be a dream place to live because it is situated in the most picturesque area of the city. The society is only a short distance from the captivating Umaid Bhawan palace. It is among the most opulent places to stay in Jodhpur. It is one of the safest places to live in the city because an army area surrounds it.

The society has a variety of residential structures, including independent villas and flats/apartments. Flats can be chosen based on a person’s needs. The multistory building offers a variety of living quarters, including penthouses, 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK apartments. Residents enjoy every posh amenity imaginable in both their apartments and the community.

Security guards and CCTV cameras, a 24-hour water supply, a community park and clubhouse, covered parking for all home owners, and a nearby market and shops are all provided as amenities in the society.

Facilities on-site include a fast lift, a fire safety system and a constant power supply.

  • Distance from Railway Station: 2.4 Km
  • Distance from Airport: 1.4 Km

2. Ashapurna Enclave

It is a lovely housing community that is located outside the main city. The area offers a serene, natural setting for living. The idea behind this township is to provide its residents with healthy living environments. This is the place to go if you’re looking for independent villas in Jodhpur. The township has 500 villas and is spread out over a sizable 75-acre area.

The society has four different types of villas, depending on size. Ashiana, Ashiana, Kunj, and Sadan are royal. The Royal Ashiana is the largest and Sadan is the smallest. Each villa has a stunning, ideal parking space. The area has clean, well-maintained roads that connect it to the larger city.

The amenities in the community include a gated community with security personnel and CCTV cameras, an outdoor pool and garden area, a clubhouse with a gym, a steam room, and other indoor and outdoor sporting events. Beautiful temples and markets are also available to locals.

In-house amenities include a 24-hour water supply, an electricity backup option, and a parking space for the owner.

  • Distance from Railway Station: 10.3 Km
  • Distance from Airport: 12.3 Km

3. Nandavan Greens

One of the best places to stay in Jodhpur is there. The best localities are in Jodhpur, which is close to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. There are two distinct phases of society. Houses and villas make up the first phase, while apartments and multi-story buildings make up the second. It is a well-designed living space with all contemporary conveniences.

The location has excellent market facilities right outside its gate and is well connected to other urban areas. The cost of land and villas in this area is significantly higher but the investment is worthwhile.
Dedicated parking spaces for flat and villa owners, guest parking facilities, a green environment, a community hall, a children’s park with a play area, and a gymnasium are all amenities in the community.

All apartments come with modular kitchens, RO water purifiers, and lighting. They are also semi-furnished.

  • Distance from Railway Station: 6.3 Km
  • Distance from Airport: 9.0 Km

4. Ashiana Amarbagh

This is the best gated community in Jodhpur city, away from the bustle of the city. Apartments, modest villas, and sizable enclaves are just a few of the different housing options available to the vast society. It is a society that has been expertly planned by architects. The idea was to create a residential area that offers the best possible living arrangement for a city dweller.

Senior citizens and retired people should go there. It provides senior citizen care facilities that can assist them in an emergency.

A person who wants to invest their money in a home that can provide a high-quality lifestyle should choose Ashiana Amarbagh.

Amenities in Society- Landscape Gardens, Indoor, and outdoor sports courts, Community hall, 24-hour security and intercom service, and daily need markets.

In-House Facilities- 24-Hour battery Backup, all-time drinking water, and monthly house maintenance.

  • Distance from Railway Station: 12.8 Km
  • Distance from Airport: 13.1 Km

5. Shubham Farms

This is the location to buy a king-sized villa and a sizable plot of land. It’s one of Jodhpur’s most livable neighbourhoods and is located on the Pal Highway. It has a view of other societies thanks to its prominent location and affluent neighbourhood. Every significant modern amenity is available in the society. This includes public recreation areas, wide parks, well-maintained roads, and street lighting.

Amenities in society include water storage, playgrounds for children, swimming pools, security personnel, and fire safety measures.

  • Distance from Railway Station: 9.8 Km
  • Distance from Airport: 12.5 Km


It’s a pleasure to live in Jodhpur. All amenities are available to you. The atmosphere in the city is calm, though. You can build your dream home in a number of locations throughout the city. With the modernization of the city, one can find great apartments in lovely multistory buildings in addition to villas.

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