Everything you need to know about Parel, Mumbai

Ask newer residents of Mumbai about Parel and they will most likely discuss Lower Parel. To older residents, however, this will always be the real claimant of the title, as its name suggests. Parel is one of the original seven islands of Bombay, and is today most famous for two things/events: the Mirabai Temple and the Lalbaugcha Raja, the largest Ganpati Visarjan in the city that takes place every year.

Parel remains an important suburb in the city, even though its neighbours like Lower Parel and Matunga get more publicity. Find out all about the former mill areas, the important landmarks, things to do, restaurants, schools and colleges.

List of top gated communities in Parel, Mumbai

1. Saanvi Tejaswini Heights, Parel

An older building with well laid out apartments, this modest building offers good amenities and is located close to the famous Nowroz Baug.

Highlights & amenities of Saanvi Tejaswini Heights
Types of apartments: 1 BHK
Avg size of apartment: 637 sq ft

2. VIVA Ramnivas, Parel

Practically under Lalbaug Flyover, this newly completed gated community is one of the more expensive properties in the area. You will find some of the largest 3 BHKs in the city here, with a single apartment going up to 2k sq ft.

Highlights & amenities of VIVA Ramnivas
Types of apartments: 2 BHK & 3 BHK
Avg size of apartment: 800 sq ft to 2000 sq ft

3. Hilla Towers, Parel

Just off the main road, this is a famous building in the area with an arresting facade. All its residents are Parsi and some floors are occupied entirely by NRIs of the community.

Highlights & amenities of Hilla Towers
Types of apartments: 1 BHK & 2 BHK
Avg size of apartment: 740 sq ft to 1150 sq ft

4. Vardhman Estate, Parel

Close to the main road, three railway stations and metro station, this building’s location is made better still by being close to Lalbagcha Raja. It has a swimming pool, too, atypical for buildings in this neighbourhood.

Highlights & amenities of Vardhman Estate
Types of apartments: 2 BHK
Avg size of apartment: 1200 sq ft

5. Gundecha Gardens, Parel

A textbook gated community, with a massive landscaped garden and luxury enclave, right in the heart of the city. This is what you get at the aptly titled Gundecha Gardens. If you get the opportunity to live here, be sure to snap it up!

Highlights & amenities of Gundecha Gardens
Types of apartments: 2, BHK
Avg size of apartment: 1075 sq ft

Things to do in Parel, Mumbai

1. Shop on the cheap

Have you ever driven through Parel and noticed the number of factories or second outlets in the area? Well, nearly every major manufacturer, for some reason, locates these stores here. You have Nike, Arrow, Levi’s, Adidas, VIP, Bata, Samsonite, even Wildcraft here. Prices are always much lower than the “first” counterparts, with discounts often going as high as 70%.

2. Partake in the world’s biggest Visarjan

Even people from other countries are aware of this one. And if you live in Parel, this major festival will be celebrated in your backyard. The Lal Bag Cha Raja, the tallest pandal in the city and therefore the world, year after year attracts lakhs of devotees every September.

3. Take a monorail ride

The train story is what Mumbai is well known for, but did you know that there is a monorail line running through the central suburbs as well? Yes, from Chembur going right up to Jacob Circle near Parel, you can experience this modern marvel. It’s also a great way to see the entire city. And yes, you can get on a monorail from Parel, too.

4. Eat some Malvani food

Parel, you could say, is Dadar’s lesser known cousin. So it’s no surprise that it is also hiding within it some great malvani food. With restaurant names like Assal Malvani, Mast Malvani and Malvan Katta, you know you’ve come to the right place for a meal. Start off with some sol kadi, gorge on a fish thali and be sure to end it with some shirwale.

5. Checkout a locomotive workshop

A great place for kids, this large workshop is where locomotive engines have been built, repaired and refurbished for nearly 150 years. Recently, it played an important role in setting up coaches for Covid-19 patients in the pandemic.

Places to visit in Parel, Mumbai

1. Lal Baug Cha Raja, Mumbai

Over the 11 days of Ganpati, it is estimated that 2 million devotees come to see Lal Baug Cha Raja, now also known as Mumbai Cha Raja. Those without a VIP Pass wait around 4-8 hours before being able to make an offering to the deity. On the day of visarjan, a 20 hour journey is made before the deity is immersed.

2. Factory Outlet Market, Mumbai

Located on Babasaheb Ambedkar Road along the Parel stretch are a string of shops by top brands that only sell factory seconds (products with my defects, that is). You can spend a few hours going to one or all shops, purchasing shoes, clothes, bags and more. Nike, Levi’s, Samsonite and Arrow are all available here.

3. Marubai Gaondevi Mandir, Mumbai

Said to have been built around 1700 AD, Marubaidevi is under a peepal tree near Parel. A popular temple that is revered by locals, crowds throng all through the year. It was recently renovated and is open from 6am to 11.30am and again from 4.30pm to 9pm.

4. Hindmata Cloth Market, Mumbai

This is a small sari and cloth market in the Hindmata area with a number of wholesalers catering to retailers of Mumbai. A tonne of individuals also land up here daily to benefit from lower prices. Bharatkshetra and Artview are the most popular stores here in the area, where you get a wider variety than anywhere else in the city and better quality, too.

5. Gandhi Market, Mumbai

Similar to the cloth market, but with a much wider selection, shops at Gandhi Market offer ethnic wear, shoes, packaging material and even jewellery. It can get very crowded around the festive season and weekends. Bargaining is compulsory.

FAQs about Parel, Mumbai 

What is the distance from Parel to the Mumbai International Airport?

The travel distance or driving distance between Parel and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport is 18 kilometres and between Sahar Domestic Airport is 11 kilometres.

What is the nearest bus station from Parel?

The Parel ST Bus Stand is in Dighe Nagar. You can call 022 2422 9905 for details. You will find all the Shivneri buses going to other parts of Maharashtra from here. There is also a large local bu depot on NM Joshi Marg.

Is there any metro station in Parel?

There is a monorail available on NM Joshi Marg. You can take the train to Jacob Circle on the South or up to Chembur in the east.

What is the best place in Parel to hang out on weekends?

All through the year, locals of Parel get the best of all the worlds. They shop at the local markets, Gandhi Bazaar or Hindmata, get good deals at the Factory Outlets, and eat great Malvani food at the many seafood restaurants in the neighbourhood.

How to reach Parel from Mumbai airport?

The quickest way to get from Mumbai International Airport to Parel is by taxi which costs ₹400 to ₹600 and takes 50 to 75 minutes depending on traffic.

Is Parel a posh area?

Yes, Parel is a nice area, though more moderately priced and less “posh” than neighbouring Lower Parel or Dadar West.

Is Parel safe to stay in?

Yes, Parel is a very safe area to live in. It has premium residential options and many commercial establishments. There are nice schools, good restaurants, many shops and good hospitals all in the vicinity.  

What are the best hospitals in Parel?

The hospitals in Parel include King Edward Memorial Hospital, Tata Memorial Hospital, Gandhi Hospital, Global Hospitals and ESI Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital

What are the best schools in Parel?

Some schools in Parel are JBCN International School, Parel English High School, KMS Dr Shirodkar High School, KMS English Medium School, Sir JJ Parel Primary School, SSL English School, and DBS International School.

Which are the parks in Parel?

There are several parks in Parel. The Dattaji Nalawade Park on Tokershi Jivraj Road is most popular, but other nice parks are the BMC Garden and Children’s Park on Pandurang Budhwar Marg and Parel Bug.

What are the best gyms in Parel?

Parel has many good options for fitness enthusiasts – from gyms to fitness and yoga centres. Some of these include Pathare Gym, Gold’s Gym, Dnyanprakash Fitness Centre, Vigour Sphere (Crossfit), Hercules Fitness, The Iron World Fitness, Feel The Blaze, etc.

What are the police stations in Parel?

There are three police stations in the area. Parel Police Chowki on Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Road (9702673676), NM Joshi Marg Police Station (23085732) and Lalbaug Police Chowki (23754128)


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