Everything you need to know about Sudhama Nagar, Bangalore

Sudhama Nagar is a Locality in Bangalore City in Karnataka State, India. Sudhama Nagar is close to Sgn Layout, Vinobha Nagar, Lalbagh Road, Jc Road, and Srinivas Colony. This is a premier location with cutting-edge construction.

The city’s business district, hospitals, market, and other services are all nearby in Sudhama Nagar. The road that runs through the centre of this suburb, Sudhama Nagar, provides excellent access to various areas of the city. There are notable retail centres, movie theatres, schools, and hospitals close by.

Wondering which society your future home might be in, where you can find good food, a school for your kids or even spaces you could work out in? Read on to find out!

List of top apartments in Sudhama Nagar, Bangalore

1. Purva Orient Grand, Sudhama Nagar

The suites of Purva Orient Grand are among the most thoughtfully planned. It is a residential development on 1.15 acres in Sudhama Nagar. The desired lifestyle is guaranteed and a comfortable lifestyle is provided by Purva Orient Grand.

It has amenities including a gym, power backup, and many others. Additionally, the property offers internet and WiFi to its residents. Fire sprinklers are installed on the site.

Highlights and Amenities in Purva Orient Grand
Types of apartments: 3BHK & 4BHK
Area per apartment: 1992 – 3360 sq.ft.

2. Prestige Botanique, Sudhama Nagar

The Project provides 34 two- and three-bedroom apartment houses that are intended to deliver a life of luxury and ease. Prestige Botanique features a characteristic brick-finished façade and curtain wall that gives it a gracious aesthetic appeal, with a definite focus on seclusion. Your free time is also taken care of.

Squash courts, badminton, table tennis, and billiards rooms, yoga and aerobics studio, indoor games facilities, card rooms, a gym and spa for good health, as well as a multi-purpose hall, are just a few of the ways the project’s well-equipped roof-top clubhouse offers you plenty of ways to keep your free time meaningfully occupied. There are also a number of other amenities available.

Highlights and Amenities in Prestige Botanique
Type of apartments: 2BHK & 3BHK
Area per apartment: 1208-1546 sq.ft.

3. Mantri Blossom, Sudhama Nagar

The project offers apartments with the ideal fusion of modern technology and architecture to ensure pleasant living. The project occupies 3.3 acres of land altogether.

There are a total of 4 towers in Mantri Blossom. There are 26 levels in the building. 52 facilities have been made available in 229 apartments for a better living environment. For penthouses and units with terraces, a private pool is given.

The structure is built in accordance with IGBC Gold-rated green buildings.

Highlights and Amenities in Mantri Blossom
Type of apartments: 3 BHK, 4 BHK & 5 BHK
Area per apartment: 2560-5980 sq.ft.

Things to do in Sudhama Nagar, Bangalore

1. Relish South Indian food at MTR

The MTR Restaurant was established in 1924 and is a vegetarian restaurant on Lalbagh Road in Bangalore, India. Globe Trekker, a television programme about international travel, has featured it. There are two storeys in the restaurant building. The MTR offers Karnataka Brahmin cuisine. The first fast-food establishment to service 21,000 consumers in seven hours was MTR.

As of today, the MTR restaurants are headed by Hemamalini Maiya, Vikram Maiya, and Arvind Maiya, the grandchildren of Yagnanarayana Maiya.

2. Visit Tree Fossil

One of the top tourist destinations in Bangalore is the Tree Fossil. This well-known business serves both locals and visitors from various areas of Bangalore as a one-stop shop. This company has made significant progress along the way and now firmly holds a position in its sector. This business has amassed a sizeable client base that is only continuing to expand because of its firm belief that customer happiness is just as vital as its services.

3. Enjoy a fine dining experience

At the Springs Hotel & Spa in Bangalore, there is a multi-cuisine restaurant called The MG’s Fine Dining. The Bangalore restaurant is well-known for its Joomtha Kukad Kebab and exclusively employs fresh, organic ingredients in its cooking. Every day of the week, the restaurant offers a breakfast buffet and is open from 7 am until 12 pm. For a great vacation, reserve your accommodation today and dine on delicious dishes at their restaurant.

Places to visit in Sudhama Nagar, Bangalore

1. Mysore Handicrafts Emporium

One of the top companies selling handcrafted items is Mysore Handicrafts Emporium in Bangalore. This well-known business serves both locals and visitors from various areas of Bangalore as a one-stop shop. In the following sectors, it is renowned for offering top-notch service: handicraft item dealers, handloom retailers, metal dealers, handloom fabric manufacturers, wooden carved product dealers, sandalwood dealers, handloom wholesalers, and handicraft item manufacturers.

2. Big Bear Customs

Are you seeking riding equipment, accessories, or customization possibilities for a road trip? Visit Big Bear Customs next, which is located on Lalbagh Main Road. The appropriate equipment is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride every time, whether you’re riding to and from work every day or taking weekend road excursions outside of the city. Additionally, we advise visiting Big Bear Customs on Lalbagh Main Road if you wish to be completely outfitted with high-quality riding gear.

3. Shoonya – Centre For Art & Somatic Practices

Shoonya – Centre For Art & Somatic Practices is a non-profit, multi-arts centre in the heart of Bangalore on Lalbagh Road. The goal of Shoonya, a bright area framed by lovely palm palms, is to serve as a venue for somatic activities and visual art. It has been mindfully created for individuals to create, interact, and cooperate across many artistic fields and somatic practices. We provide a forum for interaction between artists and the general public, as well as a welcoming setting where individuals of all ages and cultural backgrounds may learn from one another and exchange stories about creativity, performance, holistic health, and education.

FAQs about Sudhama Nagar, Bangalore

How far is Sudhama Nagar from the City Centre?

The distance between Bangalore City Station and Sudhama Nagar is 3.7kilometres.

What is the distance from Sudhama Nagar to the Airport?

The travel distance or driving distance between Sudhama Nagar and Bangalore Airport is 37 kilometres. 

What is the nearest bus station from Sudhama Nagar?

The Urvashi Talkies Bus Station is the nearest one to Sudhama Nagar. 

Is there any metro station in Sudhama Nagar?

The nearest metro station to Sudhama Nagar is Krishna Rajendra Market Metro Station. The distance between Jayanagar Metro Station to Sudhama Nagar is 1 km only. 

Is Sudhama Nagar a posh area?

Sudhama Nagar has emerged as a middle-class locality with nearby availability of good schools, hospitals and playgrounds nearby.


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