Tenant police verification in Chennai: importance & process [2024]

Tenant police verification in Chennai

The society of this modern period has welcomed the idea of renting residential apartments as it is beneficial to the cash flow. The modern real estate market in India is advancing at a noticeable rate with an inclination toward establishing rent-only apartments in all the major cities of the country. The revenue generated in this venture has some stunning figures which unlawfully enable property owners to rent out their properties to strangers without proper verification on their end and results in various security issues. Chennai is home to some of the big businesses and corporations that have established their bases of operation in the city. This scenario has led to the construction of several gated housing societies dedicated to accommodating migrating working professionals from different parts of the country.

Generally, tenants are always on the hunt for cost-effective apartments close to their offices. While renting residential properties only the owners have the right to choose the tenants they want to deal with and it fixes the return on investment for them. As per regulation, tenant police verification in Chennai is a “must-do” procedure set by the law of the land. The procedure is specific for the safety and security aspect of the tenants and the landlords alike. Failure to comply will result in the landlord’s accountability if any unlawful activity or situation arises in or around the compound.

To make sure adequate safety and security protocol is implemented, follow the below-mentioned points:

  • The foundation of tenant selection depends on a background investigation. This is beneficial in learning important aspects of the tenants such as reliability, behavior, etc.
  • Landlords can establish communication with the former landlords of their potential tenants to understand their lifestyle and identify any security issues in them.
  • Apartment owners can inquire about the tenant’s references that can support their claims and statements. Genuine people will not falter in providing necessary documents to the owners as they have nothing to hide.

What is tenant police verification?

The process of vetting strangers before renting out apartments to them and identifying convicts as well as neutralizing any unlawful activity in and around the compound as per Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code. If proven the involvement with a criminally charged individual, landlords will be held accountable and punished accordingly. The punishment is 1 month of imprisonment with a Rs. 220 fine.

Importance of tenant police verification

With the rising tide of rented apartments all over the country and the business being a money-bearer option, people tend to forget tenant investigation before renting them to people.

Tenant verification is critical in finding troublesome individuals with past criminal records and getting them arrested if deemed necessary. Ensuring stress-free living and instilling fear of the law in the minds of tenants restricts them from participating in any form of illegal activity be it damage of property or unauthorized stay in rent-controlled apartments.

The below-mentioned points are detailed research on the essentiality of tenant police verification.

1. Helping in the verification of criminal conviction

Landlords can perform an extensive background check with tenant police verification to get a picture of the tenant’s past rent records. It is beneficial in terms of cross-checking the given data by the tenant and extracting any unlawful occurrences by them and rejecting their rent proposal. Landowners benefit by knowing everything about the tenants whether they share any specific information or not.

2. Mitigating unfair dealings

Tenant verification enables the tenants to know the extent of the landlord’s control to negate any future miscommunication.

3. Neutralizing unlawful activities on the compound

Tenant police verification works as a protective barrier against any unlawful activity or approach that may harm tenants and landlords alike such as physical harm or damaging the property.

4. Providing tracking international authentication

The tenant verification procedure includes an investigation done by the local police authorities. This assists in gaining necessary information on the renters. For foreign tenants, when they extend their stay without paying the extra amount and deny to vacate the compound. This type of information is promptly conveyed to the concerned parties.

Tenant police verification procedure in Chennai

In Chennai, the verification protocol of tenants can be performed by using any of the two below-mentioned methods.

1. Online tenant police verification process

  • Find out the police station that is nearest to the rented apartment.
  • Download the Chennai tenant police verification e-form from the online platform.
  • Fill up the form with landlords’ details which include their full name, a digital copy of their passport-sized photo, contact details, and postal address.
  • Write the address of the rented residence as well as the initiation and termination dates mentioned on the agreement papers.
  • Provide the tenant’s details that include full name, identification proof(voter ID, passport, PAN, Aadhaar), recent passport-size photo, and a digital copy of the identification proof.
  • Write down the employment details and they are office address, contact details, job designation, and official contact number.
  • Information on the next of kin to the tenant has to be added to the form along with their property agents’ details so that they can be notified during times of need.
  • Double-check all the provided details as after submission nothing can be changed.
  • Fill up the captcha after the submission.
  • Police authorities can call the tenants and their landlords for any additional questioning.
  • Police officers are instructed to make a copy of the tenant’s details and keep them.
  • The verification forms provided in Chennai can be acquired in Telegu, Malayalam, and Urdu as well.

2. Offline tenant police verification process

  • The landlord is responsible for providing the necessary details of their tenants as well as themselves which includes permanent address, identification proof, rent agreement, etc.
  • After acquiring every essential paper in need, locate the nearest police station and enquire about the offline tenant police verification form.
  • Read the instructions carefully before advancing. Apartment owners have to provide the basic details of themselves and their tenants such as their initials, contact information, and addresses.
  • Submit the paper along with every essential piece of document after signatures.
  • Be aware to provide only authentic documents otherwise, it will be held as a criminal offence.

Chennai police clearance certificate

The police clearance document is a much-needed piece of document that guarantees the acknowledgment of papers provided by police or government officials to the landlord. Failing to acquire this essential document in Chennai city is branded as a serious criminal offense. That is why, landlords are constantly reminded by concerned authorities to do their tenant police verification and provide details to the nearest police station before putting their apartments on rent.


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