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Express QR Check-ins

Allow your guests to effortlessly scan QR's to verify themselves at the reception as well as print an entry badge, entirely unassisted


Pre-approve your guests to avoid last minute hassles. You can also generate group invites in case of multiple invitees/visitors

Smart Reports

Obtain and retrieve comprehensive visitor insights from visitor logs to staff attendance, to enhance your front desk efficiency

Digital Gate Pass

Get rid of physical passes & enable swift & secure entries with our intelligent, user friendly & customizable digital gate pass system

Print Badges

Allow visitors to automatically print detailed badges instantly on checking-in to ensure their identification in your organisation premises

Real-time Auditing

Stay informed with real-time visitor information, especially crucial updates during emergencies within your premises

Transforming your reception is easier than you think

Backed by India’s first, original & the most tested visitor management technology

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    Add a strong layer of security while ensuring your team & visitors always feel welcome

  • Know exactly who is in your lobby, the reason for their visit and even get them to acknowledge the rules of admission

  • With the ability to easily schedule meetings, receive guests and even record attendance, your team will be more productive

  • Capture & store all of the visitor data you need to keep your workplace in compliance. Handle audits without the hassle by easily exporting data right when you need it

  • You’ve worked hard to build your brand—and MyGate makes it easy to bring that brand experience to life in your lobby

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