Visitor Management Systems at Gated Community Becoming A New Trend

There is a growing trend among the people living in tier 1 and tier 2 cities, to buy houses in gated communities rather than in individual houses. It is the security offered by these communities that is one of the major reasons for this preference. However, when the MyGate team decided to look a little deeper at the security of these gated communities, they found it to be in a woeful situation. In spite of the communities taking various security measures, there is an immense gap between the expected and the delivered security levels.

The latent need among the residents to bridge this gap is rising. The guards play a huge role in delivering the expected level of security. However, expecting a couple of guards to manually manage the massive influx of people ( delivery boys, cabs, house helps, service providers, guests)on a daily basis, is far from being practical. 

In the current situation, a security guard manually writes down the details of a visitor and then confirms his/her identity with the residents, via intercom. In case nobody responds to the intercom call, the decision of allowing or denying the visitor’s entry is left to the guard’s discretion. Here are some of the disadvantages attached with this manually managing visitor’s registration method at the gate.

  1. Visitors who are requested to jot down their details on a visitor log book are in a hurry and find the process tedious. In an attempt to finish the process quickly, their writing on the book is barely readable. Hence, security is compromised and in case of a mishap, there is a very little chance for the investigating team to figure out the written details.
  2. Visitor log books are easily available. Once the visitors writes down their details, anyone can view the log book, leading to lack of confidentiality.
  3. Most communities use different log books for the daily help of the society, maintenance staff and visitors. Juggling between these books whenever someone walks into the community is time consuming. Also, during peak hours when the main gate is the busiest, there is a substantial probability that a couple of entries could get missed out.
  4. Communities using manual visitor management systems may not have a record of when the visitor has left the society or if the visitor has left at all.

How visitor management system at the gate solves these problems.

  1. Since the information of the visitor is entered digitally, the information is not only legible, but also available at any point of time.
  2. The time taken to sign-in a visitor is cut down by at least half using a digital visitor management system.
  3. If the residents are expecting a particular visitor, he/she can be pre-approved using this method. This allows the visitor to sail into the community gate smoothly.
  4. A photo could be added to the digital sign-in process, which would be an additional validation for the visitor’s identity.
  5. Visitors can easily be tracked. Those who haven’t left society after their due time can be contacted and appropriate actions are taken.

MyGate is an intelligent security solution that is a step-up from a regular ‘ visitor management system. For example, with the introduction of ‘e-Intercoms’, we do away with the need for wired intercoms to validate a visitor. For communities where MyGate is in play, the residents can authenticate the entry of a visitor from where ever they are. We also provide ‘Real time domestic help management’, ‘Instant security alert’ and ‘Digital validation of all staff and residents’ among a host of other features.

With a vision to enable digital and smart security for gated communities, all of MyGate’s features are available to the clients free of cost. We are already deployed at hundreds of communities in India and this number only seems to be increasing. With customers like Adarsh, Shobha, Mantri, and Salarpuria among the many others, MyGate is latching its roots in the security space of the gated communities in the country rapidly. Know more about how MyGate can help you in building a safe society with ease of visitors management.

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