Top 8 Things To Think About Before Moving Into A Gated Community

June 26, 2019
By Team MyGate

The fundamental reason why people decide to move to a gated community is better security and safer living. However, there is a lot more to consider as moving into a gated community may cost you a bomb! If you have just landed in the city and are looking for a new home in an apartment or a gated community, here are the top 8 aspects to consider and contemplate.

1. Location:
Before you decide to settle on a particular gated community, make sure you have given the location a real thought. Most communities today are suburban considering the changing customer expectations for privacy and peace. Thus, it becomes all the more important to ensure your community is fairly close to essential outlets and workplaces. This will enable you to significantly cut down on commute and will also help keep the city traffic at bay. Also, don’t forget to tap into the existing crime rate and pollution levels in your vicinity. This knowledge will help you make a rather aware choice.

2. Budget:
Locality does play an important role in deciding the cost of the house. Therefore, capping the amount of money you are willing to spend for a house is extremely crucial. However, paying a little extra to own a house that provides decent amenities and is well in range of all priority outlets is definitely worth every penny.

3. Amenities:
Yet another important factor to consider before you decide to move in should be the amenities offered by the gated community. Vital facilities, such as a small hospital, an emergency grocery shop, a safe play area for the kids, ample parking space, are factors that should influence your decision making.

4. Security features:
Everybody wants to live in a community where the residents’ safety and security is the paramount priority for the management committee. While many gated communities boast of having the best security guards in town, only MyGate understands the challenges faced by the people and gets down to solving them. From digitizing the registry entries to letting only authenticated people into the apartment in a fast and seamless way, MyGate does it all. If you find that the list of communities you have shortlisted are using MyGate, be rest assured about the safety of your family.

5. High property and maintenance values:
The homeowners need to pay a certain maintenance fee, which initially might seem quite expensive. However, it is not too late when residents realize that the fee they spent on maintenance is worth every penny. Therefore, before you start dreaming of enjoying the urban living experience, prepare yourself to contribute in maintaining the community as well.

6. Homeowner’s Association (HOA) rules and fees:
Before you decide to agree to the rules mentioned, carefully read and understand the HOA rules and regulations. See the breakdown of the HOA fee as well. Check if the payment is monthly or yearly? What type of payment mode is accepted… online or bank transfer? The answers will help you build a basic understanding of the community is run and managed.

7. Construction quality:
The construction quality matters a lot because the communities usually have tall buildings with at least 20 floors. And, if the construction quality is poor, there is a fatal risk involved. Hence, prior to making any decision, Google your developer’s reviews and their previous projects. Get to know them better and make an informed decision. You might as well want to check for minor construction faults such as leakages, uneven plastering of walls and flooring, etc.

8. Tapping crime rates and pollution levels:
Security is the main concern for every individual and shifting to a home that isn’t safe is a fool’s game. Indulge in a through enquiry of the community, talk to the owners and ask for recent reports such as existing crime rates and pollution levels. Alternatively, interact with the neighbours, enquire about the quality of security provided to validate the safety claims as made by the security agency.

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