Advanced privacy controls

We have implemented GDPR guidelines, enabling us to put the control of information in the hands of its owners. This transparency framework helps us provide world class security standards to all our users at every level of interaction.

Personal Data Protection Law:

Our adherence to the Personal Data Protection Law is a clear demonstration of our unwavering dedication to user privacy. This signifies that our communities are fully equipped to uphold the legal requirements mandated by the law.

ISO 27001:

We are compliant with ISO 27001, the international standard for information security management. All our information storage policies are dictated by the requirements laid out under this certification.

Our defining principles

Lawfulness, fairness and transparency: Ensuring completely transparent and legally compliant information collection at all levels.

Purpose limitation: Ensuring that information collection is purpose oriented, clearly defined and maintained only for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purpose.

Data minimisation: Ensuring that information is cautiously collected and handled, and that information deemed unnecessary for the stated purpose is not collected at all.

Storage limitation: Ensuring that personal information that is no longer necessary is deleted upon fulfilment of the purpose.

Ensuring robust security

Besides ISO 27001 certification, MyGate has all industry best practices in place, such as SSL encryption, access restrictions, firewalls, RSA key sequential authentications, to ensure complete privacy of your data.

The app is fully encrypted with secure data transmission and storage for all entries and transfers. Should you wish to report any lapses, you may do so via the process mentioned here.

Every day MyGate goes through multiple vulnerability assessments to identify any gaps.

There’s no data stored on the guard devices. These devices are used only to communicate with our servers in order to deliver the intended service.

We have designated a data protection officer to ensure correct processing of data, within GDPR guidelines.