Tech that looks out for you. And yours.

From managing visitors to finding your way around your neighbourhood, secure and simplify the spaces that matter most.

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Security and convenience are served to you on a platter, the index to your neighbourhood is at your fingertips, and the camaraderie of a vibrant community looks out for you, when you need it.
Simply put, it’s the privilege of living in a Mygate community; of living life on your own terms.

Stay safe

With your community gate secure, you can get through your day knowing you and your loved ones are always that much safer. Bonus: also know when your parcel is about to arrive.

Stay close

It's easy to miss out on important updates, a neighbouring flat for sale, a South Indian cook available at 6am, the due date on maintenance payment. Get all the updates on the Mygate app.

Stay private

We go above and beyond what's required by the law to ensure that your personal information is yours alone, by implementing GDPR, the gold standard on privacy, in addition to existing and upcoming Indian laws.

Stay connected

1500 neighbours, all unknown? It's a sign of the times. Consider Mygate to be the new town square, where you can discover neighbours with similar interests or run your garage sale.

Features in focus



Because life can be full of surprises.

Because life can be full of surprises.

Privacy is at the core of our offering. With our latest feature, we’re extending it to privacy from those within your own home, because there are some aspects of life, best kept to yourself.

Be it for a surprise birthday party, or for welcoming personal guests, the Private Invite feature was designed to help you keep the guard up, for whenever you need it.

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