Community Helpdesk

Great minds like quick fixes

Great minds like quick fixes


Is that faucet leakage in the kitchen getting on your nerves? Simply raise a complaint on the Mygate app. The Admin will be notified immediately and will assign the task to the appropriate society staff. No sooner a staff gets assigned for the job, you will be updated with staff details and ETA on the app. You can also add comments, attach photos or reopen a closed complaint, anytime


1. Tap on the ‘Community’ tab on your Mygate App and select ‘Helpdesk’
2. Tap on ‘Raise Complaint’ at the bottom of your screen to lodge a complaint
3. Select the Category of the complaint
4. Let us know if the complaint is at a ‘Personal’ or a ‘Community’ level
5. You can also attach photos or documents to elaborate your issue
6. Track your complaint status in the same space


Yes you can reopen a resolved/closed complaint and also add comments for doing the same.

Go to the ‘Helpdesk’ menu under the ‘Community’ tab.
Click on ‘Category/Status’ at the top of the app screen.
Select a specific category/status from the dropdown menu.

Once residents raise a complaint/service request using Helpdesk on the MyGate app, the service request will be sent to the Helpdesk Manager. The resident will also receive an SMS/email notification with the service request ID and subject.

If the Helpdesk Manager does not take action within the stipulated time, the service request will escalate to the Facility Manager.

If no action is taken, the service request will escalate to the Admin who will be the last point of contact.

When the admin/Facility Manager, updates the status or adds any comment to the complaint, the resident will again receive the email with the service request ID in the subject line.

Residents can go to the ‘Helpdesk’ menu under the ‘Community’ tab and click on the specific service request/complaint to view the changes made by the admin/Facility Manager.

The app will be updated with the progress/action taken by the Admin/Facility Manager against the complaint.