Management of Different Amenities in Apartment Complexes – Society ERP

Modern apartment complexes and gated communities are known for the appeal of amenities and facilities like clubhouse, gym, community hall, media room, yoga studios, spa/sauna, swimming pool, and private rooftop lounges. Some high-end apartments may even have nurseries, skating rinks, sandpits, board games/library corners, pet care centers, laundry rooms, entertainment lounges, co-working spaces, tennis/multi-purpose courts, mini-amphitheater, recreational sports area, private lounging patios, heated indoor swimming pools, infinity pools, and hot tubs.

But with the multiplicity of several amenities and ensuring fair share to each resident, there lies the challenge of amenities management. No matter how small or big your society’s amenities are, they should be maintained and managed smartly to avail optimum use and member satisfaction. 

Here are some commonly faced scenarios due to traditional methods of amenities management:

  • Usually, a housekeeping/facilities manager or a supervisor/head guard is in charge of handling different amenities.
  • In ‘first come first serve basis’ with time duration limitation, usually the frequent users come and take the spot. For those other residents who may not use amenities too often but always find the amenities crowded due to overuse by regular users, there arises a problem of unfair treatment. 
  • Amenities are open from a certain time from morning to evening in most societies (unless there’s a 24/7 open rule). Due to pen and paper register booking, there may be overbooking and the systems and operations may have to be kept running beyond the open hours and lead to early wear and tear or breakdown. 
  • Residents have to run around making calls or personally inquiring about the availability of slots which is a waste of time for everyone. 
  • Sometimes due to a shortage of a supervisor, some amenities have to be kept closed down. 
  • Residents often use cash to pay for using amenities which could contribute to theft or loss. 

Why is it important to streamline amenities management

Shared amenities that can be booked fairly and equally are the right of every resident.

When managed effectively with proper rules and timings, they’re a great way to enjoy the many pleasures of a rich and thriving community life.

They’re a hub for community bonding, meetings, and memorable experiences, thus they need to be prioritised, not mismanaged using outdated systems.

To ensure a good return on investment, the amenities should be handled and allotted methodically so there’s no overuse or underuse. 

Any mismanagement should not create conflicts or grievances within fellow residents. 

Amenities Management with MyGate App

Here’s how you can Create an Amenity

1.  Login to
2. Click on the Amenities icon present on the left-hand side of the screen
3. Click on the Amenity List option
4. Click on Add Amenity
5. Enter details and click on Save

Here’s how you can Configure an Amenity

1. Login to
2. Click on the Amenities icon present on the left-hand side of the screen
3. Click on the Amenity List option
4. Click on Edit against the amenity you want to edit
5. Enter the required details and click on Update

Here’s how you can edit Amenity Settings

1. Login to
2. Click on the Amenities icon present on the left-hand side of the screen
3. Click on Amenity List option
4. Scroll down and edit settings as per your requirement

Here’s how you can book an amenity on behalf of a resident or the office:

1. Login to
2. Click on the Amenities icon present on the left-hand side of the screen
3. Click on Bookings
4. Click on New Bookings
5. Select the House
6. Select the Amenity
7. Enter the required details and click on Book Now

How MyGate makes amenities management easier and organized

✔️Easy to useAmenities Configuration & Bookings in-app for residents

List them all in the app (such as gym, pool) and create slots with an advance booking system, time slots, and payment options (free or paid options along with multiple amenities management in one place. 

The calendar allows for residents to check availability and book slots online. Amenity-related notifications to recipients like facility managers but admin can opt-out.

✔️Intuitive and preciseDetailed slots

The app helps you create custom slots for each flat per day/month based on:

  • minutes
  • hours
  • days
  • duration

Each amenity can be configured so that no one or more flats can overuse any amenity.

✔️Flexible & affordablePayment options

The app facilitates multiple in-app payments options (UPI, Gateways, Wallets, etc) with least charges in the entire market. Managers can even approve offline payments and send auto-intimation to residents on approval. Offline payment reconciliation can occur through “I have paid option” to reconcile cheque, NetBanking payment and generate a reconciliation statement. 

Not all bookings are set in stone. Admin can cancel or reject a booking if needed. 

✔️Automatic updatesSelf-managing

The app blocks the visibility of unavailable slots once booked so that the members can opt for other slots. In here, you can limit the number of slots assigned to each flat. Admin can also track bookings based on houses/flats, status, and amenity and download reports for analysis on past bookings. You also have an option to remove an amenity temporarily for maintenance and upkeep purposes.

Through this digital booking system, even if there are not enough hands on board, Amenities Management can be handled online with minimum supervision or intervention. Residents can avail the benefits of smoothly handled amenities with least inconvenience. 


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