Radiance Realty Leverages MyGate Technology to Cater to Evolving Customer Expectations

Homebuyers are increasingly showing interest in a digital upgrade. In fact, 2018 was a record year for the home automation industry, which showed a growth of 30% year on year. Developers, therefore, now commonly integrate their projects with smart solutions, such as home automation, smart security, and the like.

MyGate is one such solution that is helping over 200 leading developers deliver a safer, more convenient community living experience to its residents. Additionally, its e-intercom feature is a cost-effective alternative to the traditional intercom system, at a negligible monthly spend, which helps developers save up to 95 percent.

Radiance Realty, one of the largest developers in the south, today counts MyGate among the solutions it provides to its residents. It today uses MyGate to enhance the security of over 1500 homes across seven of its sites in Chennai and Bangalore. We had the chance to speak to T Srivathsan, Business Head at Radiance Facility Management Services, about how MyGate has improved the experience of its residents.

What are customer expectations from technology in the real estate space?

Customers are, of course, very comfortable with technology today. Every day, they come across innovations that claim to make their lives easier in one way or the other and there is no shortage of options to choose from. However, they are not just looking to automate processes, but are keen to adopt user-friendly products that can give solutions at a single stop.

Did you believe that the gate was one such solution?

Yes, so we were always managing security operations manually. However, due to high attrition among guards, we weren’t able to get the desired results. Also, the probability of human error in manual entries and physical registers, was always high.

With MyGate, as residents directly approve or disapprove visitors, they are always aware of the visitors they are expecting. To a large extent, this prevents any strangers from visiting the house and it’s quite safe as well.

Our residents are adopting the app well and there is positive feedback around them feeling secure and in control of who knocks at their door.

How would you define your experience with the MyGate team so far?

One of our initial projects, Radiance Mandarin, adopted MyGate a year ago and that’s how we started. Today, we have the app installed at seven sites. The residents find the app useful as they don’t have to waste time writing in registers and can access data in real-time.

We are currently using the Visitor and Helpdesk management features. However, we are also getting requests to deploy the Community Management module to facilitate bill payments and other community-related tasks from a single platform.

How has MyGate improved the way your communities operate?

The operation efficiency of our sites has certainly been enhanced. In early days, we weren’t sure if the idea would work well with the security guards as it requires a certain level of skills. But with exceptional onboarding support and regular training sessions, the guards are able to use the app efficiently.

They do not have to spend time calling residents for verification every time a visitor hits the gate. The app solves this problem. Overall, it is a very good innovation that helps to streamline visitor management at gated community.

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