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Tech solutions to bring home convenience & security, and keep you connected to the community.

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There are the finer things in life—waking up to the smell of your favourite breakfast, watching your kids jam to the music you grew up to, enjoying a cool breeze on a Sunday evening.

The tech that we build, allows you more time to indulge in the finer things. The tech that we build, watches over your spaces, so you don’t have to. It gets out of the way, so you can do what you're meant to.


All things RWA, digitalised and smarter. From ERP & accounting to amenity booking, packed with over 250 features, the Mygate app is the world’s most comprehensive community management platform.

Mygate is used by over 4 million families for everything from the visitor management system, to the local services directory, to a home planner, and everything in between. Mygate is for home, and all that’s around.

The world’s best brands engage our audience via the Mygate Ad Platform, which provides 360-degree campaign solutions to bring new products and services alive in the nation’s consumption hotspots.

It's been eight years of designing the right solutions for urban living. We’ll let the numbers do the talking.






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Because life can be full of surprises.

Because life can be full of surprises.

Privacy is at the core of our offering. With our latest feature, we’re extending it to privacy from those within your own home, because there are some aspects of life, best kept to yourself.

Be it for a surprise birthday party, or for welcoming personal guests, the Private Invite feature was designed to help you keep the guard up, for whenever you need it.




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    Frequently asked questions

    Mygate, the No. 1 community management app, ensures the safety and convenience of gated societies. The software for gated society offers numerous innovative features to help simplify daily chores and improve security standards around gated communities through its Security, ERP & Accounting Management modules. The app was built as a comprehensive apartment management system, keeping in mind every single stakeholder of a gated community: security guards, residents, management committee, facility managers and vendors.

    Apartment security management:
    MyGate’s security management system simplifies communication between residents and the main gate. It enables residents to notify guards that they are expecting a visitor or delivery and guards to seek the permission of a resident when someone comes unannounced. This seemingly simple connection can bring powerful change to any community. Benefits as a security management app: Convenient verification of all visitors, End-to-end management of all daily staff and Smart workflows to manage deliveries

    Community ERP:
    All management committee members get access to a configurable dashboard from where accounts, complaints, communications, staff attendance and amenities can be managed. Think of it as a control center for your society that’s accessible from anywhere. Benefits as a community management app: Manage accounts & payments on a single dashboard, get real-time updates on support tickets and keep the community on the same page via MyGate ERP.

    Home Services:
    Bringing convenience to your homes. MyGate home services provide you to avail day-to-day services like pest control, bathroom cleaning, airport taxi, deep cleaning, appliance repair, laundry services and many more.

    Mygate is a safe to use app and has its data security policies in place. This housing society management system gives users complete control over their personal information. MyGate has implemented GDPR guidelines, is compliant with ISO 27001, and ensures completely transparent and legally compliant information collection at all levels. The society maintenance app ensures that information collection is purpose oriented, clearly defined and maintained only for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purpose.