Auto Case Study

Taking OLX closer to where decisions happen


OLX Auto chose Mygate to increase brand awareness and visibility in target markets. Generating interests and making the target users more familiar with the brand.


The campaign had in-society activations enabled by a digital push with a one-click interest capture feature. The problem statement was simple, taking the brand to users who may be interested in selling their car. Mygate helped build trust and credibility among potential buyers and sellers and encourage the adoption and usage of the OLX Autos platform.


Over 4 months, Mygate OLX reached 100+ communities and over 200K users. More than 3000 users have shown interest and 1000+ car inspections have been carried out so far.

This makes an excellent case for reaching the most suited audience for your brand through Mygate and using a combination of our offerings to reach your campaign goal.

About the brand

OLX Autos builds advanced trading platforms for buying and selling second-hand cars. It combines online and offline services in a simple one-stop solution – bringing convenience, safety, and peace of mind to car buyers and sellers alike, and across 10 countries and four continents.

OLX Autos operates more than 450 inspection centres across Asia, Europe and the Americas, and online trading platforms for people to buy and sell cars. Over 50K vehicles are inspected per month globally.