Education Case Study

Ryan School reaches the right audience


One of India’s top 10 educational brands with 46 years of excellence in education collaborate with Mygate to reach out to their target audience in 5 major cities of India to inform them about the admissions for the next academic year.


The brand conducted a digital campaign in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Hyderabad and Jaipur, to reach out to as many parents residing in the vicinity of their campuses.

Through Mygate’s informative, one-click lead generation format, Pulse, the brand was able to educate parens about their teaching pedagogy, and achievements and also, captivate their interest so they would wish to learn more about the school from teachers and counsellors.


A Mygate notice push was sent to users living in communities within a 9km radius of the campuses. 2.5 Lac+ homes were targeted and the campaign garnered 8.5 Lac+ impressions. More than 120 interests were captured.