Education Case Study

National Public School goes hyperlocal with Mygate


The brand’s primary intention was brand awareness and to get admission enquiries for multiple campuses by targeting users located in a 12 km radius from the school premise. The collaboration provided National Public School with a unique opportunity to showcase its specialities to a highly targeted audience of parents within gated communities.


To meet the objective, Mygate proposed a comprehensive digital campaign targeting 3.5 million households residing in 25,000 gated communities. Leveraging a pulse campaign enabled with strong feature-rich description and our One-click interest capture feature.

The brand effectively leveraged the native video feed feature to amplify its impact and raise awareness among the target audience.

By seamlessly integrating captivating video content directly into the Mygate app’s feed, the brand ensured maximum visibility and engagement. This approach enabled the brand to deliver immersive storytelling experiences, captivating users’ attention and effectively conveying its message. The brand strategically targeted residents in proximity to their three campuses, aiming to drive admission inquiries.


This digital campaign was run in Bangalore for about 10 days. Around 1.5L+ homes were targeted. The number of impressions were about 10L+. The CTA was about 2%. The number of leads generated was about 500+.