Healthcare Case Study

Apollo cradle nurses new moms to good health


The brand’s primary intention was to improve brand awareness, to generate more leads through exclusive offers that they wanted to send out to Mygate users.


To meet the objective, Mygate’s proposal was to run a digital and phygital campaign by leveraging Digital Pulse.

The brand wanted to target an equal number of homes through digital and phygital campaigns. After discussions with Mygate, and rigorous planning and analysis even through the campaigns, the brand made use of Mygate Pulse for its first campaign. The campaign included personalised messaging and a CTA that redirected to the Apollo website.

The second push was for a phygital campaign structured around Yoga day. This involved taking permission from the Managing Committee and conducting an on-ground event for increasing brand impact. The third campaign made use of interstitials. The fourth push was a Mygate Pulse notification.


The brand reached out PAN India to almost 1 lac+ homes on the Mygate app. Over the two months the brand garnered over 2 Lac+ impressions, and achieved a remarkable CTR of 24% and CTA OF 1.55%.

About the brand

Apollo Hospital, a renowned healthcare institution, finds an ideal platform for advertising on the Mygate app. As a healthcare brand, Apollo Hospital’s target audience, consisting of residents seeking medical care and health services, perfectly aligns with the user base of the Mygate app. 

With millions of households and gated communities using Mygate for their daily needs, Apollo Hospital gains direct access to a highly engaged audience actively seeking healthcare solutions.