Lifestyle Case Study

Royal Oak transforms app clicks to showroom visits with Mygate


RoyalOak partnered with Mygate to bring about brand awareness and generate quality leads from their premium, highly engaged user base digitally, through Mygate in Mumbai


To meet the objective, Mygate Pulse (an in-app feature) was chosen to reach out to a specific targeted audience without much spillage along with personalised messaging .

We helped the brand select target geographies for enhanced market penetration and helped them create a compelling campaign, introducing RoyalOak furniture to users through Digital Notifications. Around 1 Lac+ households were targeted across Mumbai, based on their geo-location and vicinity from the RoyalOak showrooms. 

Subsequently, gate signages were put up in these societies that remained there for a month to increase brand retention. This streamlined process enabled the brand to gauge Mygate’s impact on the footfall at their stores. 


The brand reached out to almost 2 million users on the Mygate app in <regions>. It was an end of season campaign, and RoyalOak was able to generate over 2.7 Lac+ impressions, and 700+ leads.

About the brand

RoyalOak, a distinguished furniture company renowned for its elegant designs and quality craftsmanship, is primed for advertising on the Mygate app. As a lifestyle brand, RoyalOak’s target demographic seamlessly aligns with the diverse community of residents using the Mygate app.

By leveraging the Mygate platform, RoyalOak gains direct access to a captive audience actively seeking home improvement solutions, making it an ideal channel to showcase its products and enhance brand visibility.