Real Estate Case Study

Urbanrise’s city-level campaign with Mygate


The brand’s primary intention was to reach out to its audience in Hyderabad through the Mygate app to improve brand awareness, inform them about the exclusive offers they would get if they opted-in, redirect the audience to their website and generate more leads and in turn, improve their sales.


To meet the objective, Mygate’s proposal was to execute a comprehensive digital campaign targeting 3.5 million households residing in 25,000 gated communities. The brand was advised to run Spotlight ads, an impact property on the Mygate app that allows brands to maximize their brand’s reach with an expandable display on the app’s homepage. This ensures almost 100% visibility.

The clickable images on the home screen were redirected to the brand’s official website where the users could get detailed information about their properties and offers.


The brand reached out to Mygate communities in Hyderabad, garnering impressive impressions of over 11.5 Lakhs and witnessed a successful click rate of about 10K.

About the brand

Urbanrise, a distinguished real estate brand, stands to benefit immensely from advertising on the Mygate app. As a real estate brand, Urbanrise’s target audience, comprising residents seeking housing and property solutions, perfectly aligns with the user base of the Mygate app.

Through strategic advertising on Mygate, Urbanrise can effectively engage with its target audience, showcase its properties, and provide valuable real estate resources to residents, further solidifying its position as a trusted and sought-after real estate developer in the community.