12 Best Dog Breeds for Apartments in India

Rearing a pet dog in an apartment can be an enriching experience if you know which breed to opt for and the home size required to rear the dog. This article lists the 12 best apartment dogs in India and the house size most suitable for raising each breed.

1. Pug

pug- best apartment dog in india

Pugs are low-maintenance dogs that do not require large spaces. However, a puppy-proofed home is our best bet to prevent any possible damage. Pugs are suitable pets even for studio and one-bedroom flats with moderate square feet. These friendly pets typically require a good stroll of approximately 15–20 minutes each day. They are regarded as children’s best friends.

2. Bulldog

bulldog- best apartment dog in india

Dog lovers prefer apartment dogs such as bulldogs because they are easy to raise. These dogs love staying indoors; short walks suffice for them. Bulldogs are typically laid back and require minimal exercise; we can accommodate this buddy even in a one-room kitchen or a one-bedroom apartment of 250 to 700 sq ft. They must not be exposed to scathing heat and sunlight as such exposure can increase their body temperatures. Bulldogs are susceptible to skin irritation and frequent scratching, biting, and rubbing; therefore, their houses must be tidy and well-maintained.

3. Golden Retriever

golden retriever- best dog breed for apartments in india

These adorable apartment-friendly dogs are favorites amongst Indians. These dogs must be groomed routinely as their lavish double coats require a high level of maintenance. The shedding of the fur can create a mess; the best bet is to brush the dog’s hair daily to prevent such inconveniences. Golden retrievers are intelligent and easy to train. Owing to their high energy levels, they require proper exercise indoors and outdoors. Apartments of at least 1500 sq ft are required for the proper rearing of golden retrievers.

4. Indian Spitz

indian spitz- best apartment dogs

These small dogs can lead comfortable lives in small apartments. Indian spitz are intelligent dogs that require little training. These white furry dogs are active and need plenty of space to move around. Apartments of 500 sq ft and above are conducive to rearing these dogs. These dogs are also prone to shedding; however, they typically keep themselves clean and do not cause many problems for their owners. We must regularly brush their coats to ensure their good health and maintenance. Our houses should be tidy to avoid causing diseases to the dog or ourselves.

5. Beagle

apartment dogs in india

Despite being highly energetic, beagles can be easily accommodated in houses of 500 sq. ft. These dogs typically enjoy staying indoors and enjoy the company of humans. Stimulation is imperative to keep them occupied.

6. Bichon Frisé

good apartment dog in india

These good apartment dogs are lovable, mingle well with family members, and occupy minimal space at home. These white powder puff bark less compared to other small dogs. However, they are highly sociable and demand to be cuddled and pampered, an absence of which may cause them separation anxiety. We should opt for this black-eyed dog only if we can take them for regular walks and spend quality time with them. Apartments of 300 sq. ft. and above are perfect for rearing these dogs.

7. Greyhound

low-maintenance dogs for apartments

Greyhounds are calm, tolerant, sharp dogs that love running and engaging in different activities. Apartments with ample garden spaces and walk areas are ideal for these dogs. Socializing and being around people brings out the best in greyhounds. Known as among the oldest dog breeds, the greyhound does not shed fur, ensuring ease of maintenance and cleanliness. Greyhounds are typically 24–30 inches tall pets that can stay in studio flats or one-bedroom homes. An area from 300 sq. ft onwards is sufficient for greyhounds to keep indoors. These low-maintenance dogs for apartments have few demands and are easy to raise.

8. Poodle

best dog breeds for apartments

Poodles are high-energy dogs that love jumping around. They can adjust well to small-size apartments. Training a poodle is an easy job—they assimilate to new environments quickly. These dogs adore their masters and desire undivided attention from them, typically sitting close to their owners and occupying minimal space. Another striking feature of poodles is their high-level resistance to heat and cold. Thus, these intelligent creatures are among the best dog breeds for apartments.

9. Dachshund

small-sized dogs well-suited to smaller apartment

Dachshunds are adorable, small-sized dogs well-suited to smaller apartment spaces. These tiny-legged dogs are known for their loud barks and can annoy other residents in the neighborhood. Thus, it is advisable to sound-proof our apartments to prevent them from disturbing neighbors. It is a good idea to occupy them with activities, providing them with a set of toys and taking them on strolls and exercise sessions to divert their minds. These pups are loyal to their owners and can be comfortably accommodated in spaces from 250 sq. ft to 700 sq. ft.

10. Chihuahua

ideal dogs for flat

Chihuahuas are ideal dogs for flat owners. These compact-size watchdogs need minimal grooming and maintenance as they shed less fur. However, they are loud and zealous; some training can help tame them effectively. These nuggets love being patted and cuddled. They love sitting on their owner’s laps and enjoying their evenings. They can be accommodated even in rooms of 250 sq. ft and can be taken for walks and exercise irrespective of the weather. Under-stimulated chihuahuas become destructive. The more your pet is exposed to socialization and walking, the more its mind is occupied.

11. Havanese

small breed dogs for apartments

These small-breed dogs are highly energetic and love socializing. They love being in family environments and seeking attention from all family members. Lack of attention causes them to become gloomy and subdued. We must adopt Havanese dogs only if we can provide them with all the time and attention they require. These pups weigh 10–16 pounds and cannot stay isolated. They value their freedom and are well suited to small spaces. Moreover, they can adjust to big cities and all the hustle-bustle therein.

12. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

low-maintenance apartment dog

The magnificent Cavalier needs no introduction for those who have tiny living spaces. The cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a low-maintenance dog, requiring a bath once a week and regular brushing of its coat to ensure hygiene. This dog loves to be around family members and follows its owner everywhere, needing little space.


To provide a healthy living environment for our dogs, we must shower them with the love they deserve, taking them for regular walks. It is crucial to potty-train our pets to avoid embarrassment. Some care, love, training, and knowledge of rearing dogs can go a long way in ensuring a happy, comfortable life for pets and their owners.

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