Insights About the World of the Gated Communities in Bangalore

In recent times, gated communities have emerged as the preferred choice among homebuyers in Bangalore. Increased awareness of the importance of quality living among working professionals, combined with their growing affluence due to jobs at thriving multinational corporations and startups, have encouraged homebuyers to seek world-class amenities and living standards in Bangalore.

If you are a home buyer interested in purchasing a flat in the best gated community in Bangalore but are still weighing its pros and cons, you are at the right place. Here are the answers to some pertinent questions you should ask before investing in gated community properties.

What is a gated community?

A gated community is a housing community surrounded and protected by walls or fences, with controlled entry and exit points for non-residents. All pedestrians and vehicles, including cycles, are allowed inside based on permission provided by the residents inside or the community management. Gated communities are on the rise worldwide, and India is no exception. The experience of living in a controlled-access space ensures the safety and security of our families, enables us to experience quality upkeep of civic amenities inside the gates, and helps maintain proper hygiene, especially during the ongoing pandemic. The rules are finalised by the community management, comprising chosen residents, and these rules are binding within the community’s gates. The community management is responsible for maintaining all civil works inside the gated community, such as roads, walls or fences, walkways, etc.

What advantages do gated community residents have in Bangalore?

Gated communities in Bangalore offer a string of benefits to their residents.

Some of these include:

  • Safety and security are the most evident and important advantages offered by gated communities. Often, a crew of security personnel man the entry and exit points of gated community apartments in Bangalore to ensure that no one enters the premises without explicit permission. The permissions are communicated to the security guards manually or through emails or mobile applications. The major instructions are highlighted at the entrance, so those seeking entry fully know the norms of conduct they need to maintain inside.
  • Second, the residents inside Bangalore gated communities enjoy hassle-free access to community amenities such as gyms, jogging tracks, and swimming pools. Parents do not have to worry about the safety of their young children playing in the community park. Senior citizens can freely walk inside the gates without any fear of getting hit by moving vehicles. Moreover, public hygiene can be strictly maintained inside the community premises.
  • Third, gated communities facilitate healthy social interactions, as most of the residents hail from similar economic and social backgrounds. The quality of these interactions improves through similar peer interaction and value sharing. The community management may also organise get-togethers and events, which, in turn, enhance interactions among the residents.
  • Fourth, properties inside Bangalore’s gated communities are known to provide a higher return on investment when sold in the market. Although their base price is higher from the outset, the cost appreciation of these properties often makes them a very attractive investment for many.
  • Lastly, with growing calls in Bangalore for citizens to be responsible by practising sustainable living, gated communities offer a wide range of opportunities to choose green living. Usually, gated communities have plenty of green pockets around the built-up area for residents to experience a pollution-free environment. The homes inside such societies often focus on energy efficiency, such as using solar energy for common power and regular plumbing checks to prevent water wastage. Many of these communities even go as far as including waste recycling plants inside the gated space. Rainwater harvesting is also prevalent in many gated communities in Bangalore.

Do gated communities encourage exclusion?

While the advantages of choosing a gated community outnumber the disadvantages, many social commentators have red-flagged the culture of exclusion that gated communities can result in. While there is security and accountability, living in a controlled community accessible only to selected outsiders could result in an aversion to the larger society and people at large. This, in turn, could invariably foster deep societal divisions among adults and children alike, making them feel disconnected from ground realities. This could be quite detrimental, especially in a country like India.

With its growing diversity and affluence, Bangalore is an apt place for gated communities to grow and thrive. Even as there are several gated communities in Bangalore, their legal status is still up for interpretation. Mr Ashok Haranahalli, former Advocate General of Karnataka, speaking to the news portal Citizen Matters, remarked, “Gated communities are not legally recognised by the BBMP. But you can’t call them illegal because the entire area is surrounded, and some kind of security is provided. You can’t call it illegal, but the concept is not recognised under the statute.”

How do you convert your community into a gated community in Bangalore?

  • Finalise your proposal after discussing it with all sections of your community members. This is important as all costs related to maintaining the civil infrastructure inside the community will have to be borne by the residents through their management. As much as possible, switch to renewable energy methods for long-term self-reliance for the community residents.
  • Take due approvals from local authorities (such as BDA and BBMP), and ensure completion of required paperwork.
  • The gate access technology will be a very critical decision here. Choose carefully, considering the convenience of the guards as well as residents. Document the process of approvals for guests, issuance of permissions, and community management rights in detail.
  • Decide on gate placement and gate type. Furthermore, plan and decide on any other security-linked infrastructure needed, such as CCTVs, computers at the gate, and so on.
  • Ensure proper training of your security personal crew, especially on the entry and exit rules for your gated community, but not just limited to it.
  • Organise training sessions for residents on the do’s and don’ts of living inside a gated community.

Five affordable gated properties in Bangalore

Now that you have a fair idea about gated communities and what they offer to their residents, here is a compilation of the five best societies in Bangalore, which are handpicked from many for your kind consideration.

1. Sobha Emerald Phase II, Jakkur

Amenities: Indoor games, swimming pool, gymnasium, maintenance and cleaning staff, clubhouse for individual or community gatherings, and a dedicated play area for kids.

2. Nakshatra Villas, Chinnapannahalli

Amenities: Landscaped garden, indoor sporting facilities, swimming pool, gymnasium, meditation hall, play area, clubhouse, health facilities, 24-hour backup electricity.

3. Zonasha Paradiso, Doddanekundi

Amenities: Community library, landscaped garden, indoor sporting facilities, including basketball, tennis, and badminton courts, CCTV cameras, community hall, clubhouse, swimming pool, gymnasium, 24-hour backup electricity, waste management system, and drainage and sewage treatment plants.

4. Salarpuria Sattva Greenage, Hosur Main Road

Amenities: Landscaped gardens, snooker and table tennis tables, squash court, skating rink, basketball court, clubhouse, jacuzzi, gas pipeline, ATM, laundry, supermarket, and security.

5. Prestige Shantiniketan Condominiums, Whitefield

Amenities: Swimming pool, library, landscaped garden, cafeteria, multi-purpose hall, temple, community hall, badminton court, and tennis court.

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