Tenant police verification in Noida: importance and process [2024]

In the modern era, the idea of renting properties for accommodation has proved to be useful. India’s real estate market has benefitted from the need for rented apartments and all the major cities of India such as Mumbai, Pune, Noida, etc have high-rise residential apartments ready to accommodate working professionals from other states. Although the cash flow in this business is lucrative, the security issue is real. Landlords ignoring the security aspects before giving their apartments for rent, isn’t advisable. Various manufacturing companies, corporate offices, and business enterprises have opened their branches in Noida. To house the employees of these businesses, Noida’s real estate market has developed the region into rent-controlled residential zones.

Apartment renters are always on the lookout for cost-effective housing solutions. Whereas the apartment owners get to decide the type of renters they are happy to hand over the keys to. This decides the investment return for them. As per norms, tenant police verification in Noida is applicable and is to be implemented through either offline or online procedures. The process of tenant verification ensures the safety and security of landlords and their tenants. In instances where landlords rent their apartments to tenants without proper verification, they are held accountable for any security mishap that happens to them during the term.

To ensure security and proper verification of the tenants, the following steps are essential factors.

  • The most important part of tenant selection is background verification. This helps in knowing everything about tenants along with their behavior and actions.
  • Property owners can contact the former landlords of the tenants and inquire about their period of stay with them. It is well within the rights of the landlords to do a full investigation before handing out the keys to the renters.
  • The landlords can ask the tenants for references that can corroborate their statements and claims. Individuals who have no criminal cases will have no problem sharing their details and references with their landlords.

What is tenant police verification?

As per Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code, violators of government regulations be it destruction of property will be punished according to the severity of their actions. In instances where a tenant is criminally charged, the property owner will be held accountable for helping a convict and be prosecuted as per the laws stated in the Indian Penal Code. The punishment varies from a few days to 1 month of jail time and a fine of Rs. 200.

Significance of tenant police verification

Putting residential apartments on lease has become a logical action given the rise in the need for rented apartments in Noida. With the constant rise in the revenue that is generated from leasing and renting apartments, apartment owners ignore verification protocol and deliver the keys of the apartments to the tenants.

Tenant police verification is crucial in finding people with pending criminal cases along with the arrest of such individuals and guaranteeing hassle-free living standards. Projection of fear of the law ensures the identification of unlawful stays and the neutralization of unwanted activities.

The aforementioned factors are a detailed analysis of the significance of tenant verification.

1. Assistance in the verification of criminal conviction

Apartment owners can perform comprehensive background research with tenant police verification on the previous rent history of the tenant. This is useful in double-checking the details provided by the renter and also in knowing about their criminal offenses if there are any. Tenant verification is beneficial for landlords as they can know about their potential tenant’s behavior, police cases, and value for commitment.

2. Counteracting unfair dealings

Tenant police verification assists the tenants in knowing the extent of their landlords’ control so that they cannot be cheated in the future.

3. Mitigate unlawful actions on the ground

Tenant verification works as a shield and neutralizes the slimmest of chances of any unlawful activity on the rented property as the tenant’s details are shared with the local police station.

4. Offering tracking international authentication

The process of tenant verification includes a thorough investigation by the police officers. This proves to be beneficial for the landlords as they get to know every relevant detail of their renters even if they are foreign tenants. There are some recorded situations where a foreign tenant refused to vacate his or her accommodation even after extending their stay without paying the remuneration amount.

Tenant police verification process in Noida

Tenant verification by the police authorities is done by any one of the two processes in Noida. The reason behind the implementation of these processes is the authentication power it bestows on the agreement between the tenant and his or her apartment owner.

1. Online tenant police verification process

  • Locate the police station that is nearest to the rented apartment.
  • Download the Noida tenant police verification e-form from the online portal.
  • Fill up the form using landlords’ details that include their full name, a digital copy of their passport-sized photo, contact details, and postal address.
  • Mention the address of the apartment as well as the initiation and termination dates mentioned on the agreement papers.
  • Supply the renter’s details that include their full name, identification proof(voter ID, passport, PAN, Aadhaar), recent passport-size photo, and a digital copy of the identification proof.
  • Fill up the employment details and that means office address, contact details, job designation, and official contact number.
  • Information on the next of kin to the tenant has to be added to the form along with their property agents’ details so that they can be notified during times of need.
  • Recheck all the provided details as after submission nothing can be changed.
  • Fill up the captcha after the submission.
  • Police authorities have the right to call the tenants and their landlords for any additional questioning.
  • Police officers are ordered to make a copy of the tenant’s details and keep them.
  • The verification forms provided in Noida can be accessed in Hindi as well.

2. Offline tenant police verification process

  • The landlord is liable to give the details of their tenants as well as themselves that includes permanent address, identification proof, rent agreement, etc.
  • After having every essential paper in possession, find the nearest police station and enquire about the offline tenant police verification form.
  • Read the instructions carefully before proceeding. Apartment owners have to provide the basic details of themselves and their tenants such as their initials, contact information, and addresses.
  • Deliver the paper along with necessary documents after signatures.
  • Keep in mind to provide only authentic documents otherwise, it will be considered a criminal offence.

Noida police clearance certificate

The police clearance certificate is an essential piece of document that guarantees the acknowledgment of the documents provided by police authorities or government officials to the landowners. Negligence in acquiring a police clearance certificate in Noida is tagged as a criminal act. This is why, landlords are made aware of registering necessary details of the tenants in the nearest police station before choosing tenants to rent their apartments.

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