An update on COVID Vaccination drive at MyGate communities

For two months now, MyGate has been in conversation with various national and regional healthcare partners to organise vaccination drives at all our 18,000 societies. Here’s an update on the situation:

Supply limitations: Supply is currently limited and mostly getting consumed in hospitals and health centres;

Improvements forthcoming: Our partners are confident that the situation will change and they should start getting adequate vaccine supply in 3 to 4 weeks;

Establishing safety protocols: Healthcare partners are still putting in place best practices for large vaccination drives outside their centres as they will be bound by government regulations for conducting vaccinations.

Owing to the above reasons, none of the healthcare partners have been able to initiate mass vaccination drives. However, all partners are eager and hopeful to bring vaccination camps to communities at the earliest.

We continue to liaise with our partners and are keen on seeing this effort come to life at the earliest. One thing that would certainly help this effort is an estimation of demand for the vaccine from our residents.

Please take a minute to fill up the survey.


Feasibility of the camp is subject to legal permissions, availability of vaccinations and number of persons registering for proposed camp in the society

MyGate is only a facilitator in bringing the Partners to your doorstep. MyGate does not maintain, sponsor, or recommend any third party Partner, nor does it assume any responsibility for them, their services or accessibility. 

Signing up confirms your interest in conducting a vaccination camp in your society, but is not a confirmation of the vaccination camp itself

MyGate will only be facilitating discussions; costs of the camp are to be borne by the society/residents

Vaccination camps will be conducted at the society premises provided society adhere to guidelines provided by the Partner to meet government regulations

MyGate is not responsible for any dispute arising out of or in connection with the use of the services provided by the Partners

MyGate does not make any representations or warranties with respect to efficiency or effectiveness of the vaccine administered


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