6 Amenities Management Features You Should Implement Today

Efficiently managing amenities within a residential society is no small feat but with the help of MyGate’s comprehensive suite of unique features, society admins can effortlessly streamline the management of amenities and thereby optimize resident experiences. From restrictions on booking frequency to enforcing penalties on misuse, MyGate equips admins with all the tools they need to create a harmonious and seamless amenities management system.

#1 Maximum Days in a Month per Flat

Limit monthly amenity bookings per house

Did you know that MyGate allows you to set a cap on the number of days a house can book an amenity within a month? This helps distribute access equitably, ensuring a level playing field for all your residents.

#2 Maximum Slot bookings per day per flat

Enforce daily slot limits per house

You can also set limits on the number of slots a house can book for a particular amenity per day preventing a single household from hogging the slots & ensuring a fair chance for all to access without any undue advantage.


#3 Add Amenity Group

Group similar amenities to discourage amenity hogging

And that’s not all, Thanks to Mygate’s intelligent grouping feature, you can group similar amenities to discourage one house from hogging multiple amenities simultaneously ensuring everyone gets a chance to experience different offerings.

#4 Maximum Advance Booking Time

Set a specific time-frame for advance bookings

What’s More? Prevent unnecessary or far too advanced bookings by placing restrictions on how many days or hours in advance residents can book amenities. This will prevent undue hoarding of slots & ensure a smooth and conflict-free experience for all.

#5 Set Cancellation Limits

Implement a non-cancellation period before a slot begins

There’s more good news! Enforce a stringent non-cancellation period prior to fixed slot in order to avert last-minute cancellations, ensuring residents only make reservations they intend to honor, enhancing efficiency and fairness in amenities management.

#6 Add to Blacklist

Debar residents for misuse or no-shows

But here’s the real game changer, instill accountability & block residents from future bookings as a penalty for misuse or no-shows ensuring that everyone respects the amenity booking system & utilizes the amenities responsibly.

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