Feature in Focus: MyGate Always-On Mode

At MyGate we are committed to ensuring that your safety is never compromised. That’s why we want you to know that your visitor management system never goes to sleep even in the face of network disruptions guaranteeing uninterrupted security.

What is Always On Mode?

The Always On Mode ensures that key security features, such as access control and visitor management, continue to operate seamlessly during network disruptions. Our system is designed to detect the availability of network and system failures & automatically move the operations to the offline mode. This allows for recording of the visitor data on the guard device itself i.e. residents, staff, guests & non-invitees can enter and exit your premises smoothly as usual.

Benefits of Always On Mode

  1. Uninterrupted Security: Visitors will experience a consistent and secure check-in process, irrespective of any temporary disruptions in network connectivity.
  2. Data Integrity: All data collected during offline mode on the guard app is securely stored and synchronized once the network connectivity stabilizes. This guarantees that your records are accurate and available on both the admin dashboard and the resident app.
  3. Always Prepared: With the impressive 6 hours of offline operation capacity, we ensure that your community remains safe and connected even during extended periods of network downtime.
  4. Reliable Documentation: Records both passcode & non-invite entries without any lapses & eliminates the need for guards to return to manual record-keeping during outage hours.
  5. Seamless Security experience: No matter the circumstances, your society’s security operations will remain active and vigilant.

Stay connected, stay secure, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with MyGate’s Always On Mode. Should you have any questions or require assistance, our dedicated support team is always ready to help.


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