Security Alert

In times of emergency, it’s natural to feel panicked and helpless when there’s no one around. But as a MyGate resident, you can feel at peace knowing that help is just a click away.

The Security Alert button on your MyGate app allows you to instantly alert your family and friends (even if they aren’t MyGate users) as well as the main gate security, with just a few taps. Additionally, you will also get a notification when someone is on their way to help you.

To raise a security alert:

  1. Click on ‘Security’ on the MyGate home screen
  2. Select the type of alert you want (SOS, Call Security, Message Guard or allow kid exit)

To configure the alert for family and friends:

  1. Click on your profile on the MyGate home screen
  2. Select Security Alert List
  3. Click on ‘Add New’ to select contacts (family & friends).

A confirmation SMS will be sent to the selected contacts to receive the IVR call in case of an emergency.

Safety is of utmost importance at MyGate. With this feature, residents can quickly and easily ask for help when in need. Take the first step by enabling this feature today on the MyGate app.

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