Feature in Focus: Tenant Management

Collecting the rental agreements, verifying the authenticity of the documents, and taking appropriate action against the defaulters is a cumbersome task. This is why thousands of gated communities use MyGate Tenant Management, a single repository to manage all tenant-related processes. 

With MyGate Tenant Management, societies can manage their tenants better by adhering to local laws and regulations.

Here’s what society admins/owners can do…

– Get access to a centralized repository of all rental lease agreements on the API dashboard
– Upload a rental document against the flat
– Approve/reject rental agreements uploaded by tenants. Move In Move Out and Flat Signup documents will be auto-approved when the user approval request is approved
– Revoke MyGate access for all the residing users with no documents or invalid rental documents
– Filter and download reports of all the flats based on rental agreement status – Unapproved/Approved/Rejected/Expired/No Documents
– View information around rental agreement expiry timelines
– Receive reminders to renew rental lease agreements to comply with the law 
– These documents once uploaded can be viewed by the owners/tenant

Admins can reach out to their Relationship Manager to enable this feature for their society.

Here’s what tenants can do…

– Upload rental agreement/Photo ID during the flat sign up process. This can also be done from the “Documents section” by selecting “Flat” documents category
– Receive reminders to renew rental lease agreements to comply with the law 

Resident App

– New tenants can upload documents during the move-in application/flat sign up process.
– Existing tenants already using the MyGate app can go to the ‘Documents’ section to upload the rental lease agreement and then click on ADD DOCUMENTS. 
– Filter by the type ‘Flat’ to view all rental agreements captured during the sign up/moving in process
– Check the status of all uploaded documents

For any concerns, the Management Committee can reach out to their respective MyGate representatives and if you are a resident, please contact your Management Committee.

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