Feature in Focus: Validated Entries

There have been instances of fake delivery attempts in many societies, and delivery executives mistakenly providing the wrong flat numbers while making entries. We have noticed delivery executives sending others on their behalf (like their friends) to deliver orders which is a serious security concern.

As a solution, we’ve integrated with your favourite online delivery partners to ensure that you and your community receive background-verified details of the executive. No more fake entries and quicker deliveries for all MyGate users!

What are Validated Entries?

When a resident places an order with our partner firms, MyGate receives the background verified details of their assigned delivery executive directly from the partner firm. These details are then shared with the resident prior to the arrival of the delivery agent, and validated by the security guard.

Validated entries allow us to match the customer’s flat number and delivery executives’s registered phone number (as per the company’s record) for every order placed directly via the MyGate validated partner apps. Each time an order is placed, MyGate users get a notification ‘Delivery executive is ARRIVING’ 10 to 15 minutes in advance. This is usually the time when the delivery executive clicks on ‘Picked Up Food’ on his device.

Why are we doing this?

Prevents fake entries: By ensuring that the information about verified delivery executives come directly from the partner firms, any potential fake entry attempt can be avoided. This also helps MyGate and our validated partners take the right measures in case of any fake entry attempts thereby enhancing the security.

Faster delivery to residents: As residents will get the option to auto-approve the delivery executive while he/she is about to reach the society gate, wait time at the gate will be significantly reduced. 

The actual entry time of delivery executives is recorded as the check-in time and can be referenced in case of any queries related to delayed orders.

How it works

1. All residents are opted in for Validated Entries by default

2. To provide auto-approval for all future deliveries from a partner:

a. Go to ‘Household’ on the home screen

b. Scroll down to ‘Validated Entries’

c. Add any of the partners to your list

The Validated Entries feature, therefore, brings greater security and convenience to your community.

For ‘Validated Entries’ there is no exchange of personal information between MyGate and validated partners. It only requires an address mapping via secured protocols. 


MyGate is building technology to simplify check-ins everywhere. Our flagship solution, launched in 2016, currently facilitates over 2 million check-in requests every day at thousands of gated premises across the 25+ cities in which we operate, and continues to show rapid growth. We’ve strengthened our commitment to information privacy by following GDPR guidelines, the global gold standard for data privacy.


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