5 Reasons to Get Pest Control Done After House Cleaning (Tips & Tricks)

We all prefer to keep our house neat and clean. But, is cleaning a house enough? Does it make it ‘clean’? What about insects?

To truly clean a house, one must pest control the area. Read on to know the best professional house cleaning tips and tricks about home cleaning and pest control.

Five reasons to get pest control done after home cleaning

1. Kick starting the process

Deep cleaning of your house sets the ball rolling. To cleanse your dwelling of visible dust and dirt, you need professional help. They are well equipped with suitable chemicals and disinfectants and would work out surface walls, ceilings, and floors in earnest. In addition, they possess the necessary skills and finesse that perhaps you might lack.

Deep cleansing will retain the new look of your cherished home by removing insect nests, clearing cobwebs, cleaning the ceiling fans, difficult stains on the switchboards, balconies, outdoor unit of the split AC and all items that remain unmoved for a considerable length of time.

The stage is set for the pest control team to take over. Deep cleansing your home is a perfect precursor for pest control operations. It may not add ease to their function, but they will be able to handle the pest menace effectively with their pest control spray. Unfortunately, we would not possess accurate knowledge of how to fumigate a room. Therefore, the fumigation process is best left to experts.

2. Expose the pests

Besides being invisible to the naked eye by residing behind toilet commode, inside drain pipes, behind washbasins etc., the bath and the toilet can be considered the most significant breeding ground for cockroaches, flies and spiders. Using the flush will release an enormous amount of microbes into the air, settling all over.

These unseen pests are hence flushed out to the open, and the ones that remain invisible will be vulnerable after the cleansing operation. Therefore, it would be advantageous if pest control is carried out after the cleansing operation concludes.

3. Removal of breeding grounds

During a deep cleaning, you come across objects that have been unmoved for ages; they form the breeding ground for insects and termites to prosper and multiply.

You must either move or dispose of these items, generally including toys, old boxes, books, and unworn dresses amidst the grime, dirt and dust where these creatures find survival amicable.

As the sanitisation works in tandem or immediately after the cleaning and moving of antique items, the survival of insects and termites becomes futile. The ones to survive will finally meet their end after the pest control operations are through.

4. Resetting of furniture

It is also essential to move furniture to different locations during the cleansing process. The chances to find insects and pests behind couches, at the side of the dresser, and under the refrigerator are very common. They cherish places where the positions are permanently fixed, non-accessible and seldom cleaned intensely.

This dislodges the insects and pests, and they stand exposed. The furniture location can be restored only after the pest control team has sprayed enough chemicals on the trouble spots to prevent the crawling creatures from reoccupying their favoured positions.

This can clear the pest from its roots and keep your home free from its nuisance for a long time.

5. Retaining the pest control effects

It will be an error to summon the pest control first if you intend to have your deep cleansing job also done together. It will only be counterproductive to the activity of pest control.

If the intent is to clean the place thoroughly once the chemicals are sprayed, it will only hinder the pest control activity. First, the chemicals sprayed need not be cleaned because they do not emit any fumes that could be hazardous to our senses. Secondly, by washing away the chemicals, you are extending an invitation to the pests, insects and termites to be back at work.

The sprayed chemicals need to be retained for a long time, and they evaporate on their own with time. Therefore, they will keep the pests at bay for a more extended period.

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Professional house cleaning tips and tricks

A methodical cleaning process is the need of the hour more than expensive tools to execute the cleaning process.

  1. Cleaning tools are vital, and most of them are available at nominal costs. For example, microfiber cloths are more effective at cleaning surfaces than the usual sponges and paper towels. They can also be machine washable and are quick-drying, thereby eliminating all the germs without holding on to any.
  2. A glass cleaner, an all-purpose cleaner, mild abrasives, natural cleaners and a pair of gloves should form part of the other cleaning tools. Alternately, you can make homemade cleaners with natural ingredients.
  3. Baking soda is an effective medium to clean areas with a grease build-up. After sprinkling some baking soda on a cloth, wipe down the grease-laden area and follow it up with a damp cloth.
  4. Using old toothbrushes by cleaning them with warm water and brushing them off at toothbrush holders and other germiest places, particularly in all nooks and corners, would be a great tip in utilising worn-out items in a multipurpose form.
  5. The cleaning process should start from the farthest end of the room to the room’s entrance and from top to bottom. This is to ensure that you are not treading through a cleaned area.
  6. Do not procrastinate and put off small cleaning tasks. They would end up piling into massive buildups in due course. Delegate household work to each member to ensure proper apportioning of the activity.


Pest management is related to our safety with regards to our health, our food, and the protection of our property. It is hence vital to our general well being for the following reasons:

  • Rodents consume nearly 20% of the world’s food supply along with other pests such as fleas, ticks, and mites.
  • Rodents are carriers of diseases easily transmitted to humans and other animals. Thousands are taken ill due to insect bites and stings.
  • Pests such as mosquitoes, bed bugs, and others can transmit deadly diseases to humans, including malaria, plague, and severe illnesses.
  • Termites cause untold damages to property that could total millions of rupees worth.
  • Due to the initiation of a meticulous pest management practice, food sanitation, food regulation, and health regulations could be achieved.
  • Cockroaches carry allergens that harm humans, and roach allergen is the third leading cause of asthma in children. In addition, they are considered to be extremely filthy.
  • Deep house cleaning is essential before the exercise of pest control is carried out. Hence, home cleaning and pest control are crucial for living in a clean environment.

Pest control treatment hence becomes necessary to be done regularly to keep tight control on health issues that are bound to engulf us. Therefore, pest control spray and fumigation are some of the essential activities that we are bound to live with.

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