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With summer being the dominant season in Kolkata and temperatures rising to as high as 39.6 degrees, sizzling heat waves are common in the city. Struggling with a faulty or ill-functioning AC is, therefore, a nightmare. Let us look into why regular AC repair is essential to reap the most out of your investment and who you can reach out to when looking for an AC repairing service in Kolkata.

Signs your AC needs repair or servicing

1. Strange noises

Often a disruptive sound from your AC could be a signal for you to get it repaired or replaced. Depending on the kind of sound, the reasons could include the malfunctioning of the compressor, a damaged thermostat, excessive moisture, or an issue with the fan motor. An expert can well diagnose the issue and prompt action to prevent further damage to your system.

2. Water leaks

Leakage of water from your AC unit could result from improper installation, clogging in the drain pipe, a drop in the level of the refrigerant, a dirty air filter, or if your unit is significantly old. It could also be due to a damaged drain pan. Much of these issues can be avoided with due care. However, a technician’s assistance is required when a re-installation has to be done or when a part needs to be replaced.

3. Bad odour

Your AC can emit an unusual smell which might result in moderate to severe problems with the AC unit. While the refrigerant leakage can cause a gas-like smell, a burning smell would indicate that a component or multiple of these within the system are subject to danger. DIY, in this case, is not recommended, and you should invariably call for a technician. Other probable reasons for the odour could be mould, mildew infestations, dead and decaying rodents, or a dirty air filter.

4. Insufficient airflow

If your AC cannot cool as it usually would, the problem could be attributed again to several causes. Apart from those mentioned above, holes or cracks in the ductwork, overused and clogged filters, age of the unit, and dirty condenser coils are other reasons for poor airflow. Depending on the severity of the issue, your AC would either need a repair or a replacement.

5. High electricity consumption

One of the easiest ways to reduce energy consumption is by keeping the air filters clean. As stated earlier, this will also keep the other problems at bay. In addition, malfunctioning parts, duct leaks, low refrigerant levels, and a poorly maintained system will inevitably increase electricity consumption.

6. High humidity

A well-functioning AC serves the dual purpose of keeping your space cool while removing humidity. Many causes are attributable to the high humidity, despite the AC running. Firstly, improper working of the evaporator coil is responsible for dehumidifying the air. Secondly, high levels of humidity within the room due to overcrowding or the weather outside is another factor. High humidity is not good for your AC and can also pose health risks and damage the interior of your house.

Benefits of AC maintenance

1. Energy efficiency

Routine maintenance of your AC will not only keep your system up and running for longer but also considerably reduce your energy consumption. The filters should be cleaned or replaced once or twice monthly for optimal performance. To ensure adequate airflow, condenser coils should also be kept free from dirt and debris accumulated over time due to extensive use. The aluminium fins can also block air circulation if they get bent. Keeping some of these things in check goes a long way in decreasing energy use.

2. Cost-effective

When cared for, a well-maintained unit helps you save on energy consumption, as pointed out earlier, and on replacement expenses. Looking after your AC and getting routine repairs and servicing will prove to be relatively cost-effective in the long run.

3. Comfort and convenience

Poor to no maintenance results in frequent breakdowns, high energy consumption, improper cooling, and numerous other issues. The crux is that you don’t get to relish the comfort despite having the amenities. To derive maximum utility on your investment, proper upkeep of the system during the off-season is desirable so that when the scorching summer months of April and May hit the city with unbearably high temperatures, you get to keep calm and relax within the confines of your home.

4. Improved longevity

A direct consequence of maintenance is increased longevity. Premature failure is often the result of dirty air filters, clogged coils, and dirt accumulation. While general upkeep is essential, getting your AC serviced by a professional twice a year is a general recommendation. You might dismiss the need to seek professional help for some of the tasks, but this could prove ineffective and even dangerous in some cases. For instance, inspecting the refrigerant level to ensure proper cooling is not a DIY task.

5. Keeps health issues at bay

Pollutants and contaminants in the system can pose serious health risks to the users. Accumulation of dust can trigger allergies in patients suffering from respiratory issues. Therefore, servicing your AC is essential both for the health of the inmates and for its enhanced performance.

Know when to replace your AC unit and when you should repair it

1. Age of the unit

An average lifespan of an AC is 10 to 15 years. If you are successful in routinely maintaining it, it inevitably increases the age of your system. The absence of a major breakdown or a few repairs here and there does not necessitate an AC replacement. On the other hand, if you frequently feel the need to get your AC repaired, a replacement of the same is inevitable.

2. Repair costs

If the cost of repairs on your existing AC equals or far exceeds the cost of buying a new one, you should opt for a replacement rather than a repair. A sound cost-benefit analysis here will enable you to make the best choice.

3. Energy consumption and cost

Has your AC hit its average lifespan? Or did you witness an upward trend in your energy consumption bills, despite the possible efforts to maintain it? If yes, then it is time that you get your AC replaced and not add further to the repair costs of your existing unit.

Why choose MyGate- best AC repair service in Kolkata

1. Hassle-free

With a few clicks, you can book a repair appointment for your AC from the comfort of your home. Pick a time slot and book an appointment. You also have the liberty to reschedule if you are not available at the appointed time. With MyGate AC repair service in Kolkata, you can sit back while we source 100% genuine parts or help you source them at your discretion.

2. Cost-effective

Our AC repair in Kolkata is serviceable in Tollygunge, Jadavpur, Dumdum, Behala residential Area, Alipore, New Alipore, Park Street, Golf Green, Sealdah, and Salt Lake, among a host of other places at an affordable cost. Get our AC repair services in Kolkata at competitive market prices.

3. Expert technicians

When your AC needs more than general upkeep, the assistance of a professional technician becomes mandatory. However, not all service technicians are competent. Here is where MyGate brings you a pool of talented and expert professionals with hands-on knowledge. Our service professionals are not only well-trained but are also background verified.

4. Genuine parts

We offer the best AC repair service in Kolkata that is all-inclusive. Irrespective of the brand of your AC, our expert technicians provide the best possible solution. After conducting a proper inspection, our technicians gather the requisite information to source the parts or even help you source them.

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