Top 12 Benefits Of Vitamin E for your Skin and Hair

Do you know that one friend that is your go-to buddy? The one you can rely on for anything under the sun, from dating advice and career trouble to late-night existential crises and more? Well, your body also has an all-important, all-rounder friend – Vitamin E.

Vitamin E is a crucial nutrient for our body that performs a multitude of functions. The benefits of Vitamin E are significant for different body parts, from your skin to the hair. It is a commonly used ingredient in skin care products and hair care solutions. Up next, we will uncover some super helpful vitamin benefits for your skin and hair.

Why is Vitamin E a special nutrient?

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin (which makes it quite easy to blend in creams, serums, oils, and other products). It is a potent antioxidant. What does that mean, you might wonder? Antioxidants are chemicals that can neutralise harmful substances in the environment by forming oxidation bonds.

These harmful environmental substances are free radicals, the evil pawns of satan that severely damage your skin and hair. It is essentially an unpaired atom floating freely in your environment, looking to form bonds with other chemical substances. Well, that’s all the chemistry you need to mull over for now.

Vitamin E works like a charm to protect your skin from free radicals. And that’s not all. The magical ingredient forms a protective shield around your skin and hair. It also prevents the damage caused by UV rays and pollution effectively. Let’s discuss what else Vitamin E does for your skin and hair in further detail.

Top Vitamin E Capsule benefits for skin

benefits of vitamin e on skin

Vitamin E has been a skin saviour for aeons. It’s there in all the home remedies your grandma told you about or the super effective solution your beautician can’t stop gushing over.

Here are some more uses of vitamin E capsules for skin:

1. Slows down the ageing effects

benefits of vitamin e on skin

The health and firmness of the skin diminish with age. A special protein called collagen, found in connective tissues and skin, is specifically responsible for skin health. But harmful external aggressors decrease the production of collagen in the skin.

Vitamin E is excellent for maintaining smooth and healthy skin. It protects Fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen in the body. So, an abundance of Vitamin E slows down the ageing process of the skin and keeps those wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

2. Helps fight acne

benefits of vitamin e on skin

Acne is a common skin problem and probably the one most hated. After all, who likes those ugly-looking zits on their smooth skin? A major reason for an acne outbreak is hormonal imbalance in the body.

You can seek the benefits of vitamin E to treat acne by stabilising the hormones. Vitamin E also has anti-inflammatory properties. It exfoliates the skin well and helps remove acne scars.

3. Shields against the sun

benefits of vitamin e on skin

UV rays from the sun cause a lot of damage to the skin by producing free radicals. Prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to peeling, blistering, and sunburns. Vitamin E does an excellent job of soothing these symptoms when applied directly.

Skin specialists recommend using body oils and moisturisers that contain vitamin E. After a sunburn, it can reduce skin damage and speed up healing.

4. Treats scars and stretch marks

benefits of vitamin e on skin

Stretch marks can appear after rapid weight gain, commonly during pregnancy. They can be a sign of reduced smoothness and elasticity of the skin.

Vitamin E is known to regenerate cells quickly and repair damaged tissues. You will see visible improvement in the skin after taking vitamin E capsules for stretch marks. It will soothe the skin and help maintain its elasticity for longer.

5. Moisturises the skin

benefits of vitamin e on skin

Vitamin E has excellent moisturising properties that benefit your skin. It forms a protective layer on the skin. This layer traps all the moisture in the skin and keeps it in good shape.

Skin solutions based on vitamin E also prevent cracks and dry patches on the skin. You can create a solution of lemon, honey, and vitamin E capsules. Apply it for 10 minutes to instantly soften your skin.

6. Prevents hyperpigmentation

benefits of vitamin e on skin

It is a condition of excessive dark spots or patches on the skin. It is caused by an imbalance of melanin in the body, a pigment responsible for maintaining natural skin colour.

Vitamin E alleviates the problem by supporting the absorption of Vitamin A in the body. The latter helps in lightening the skin tone and making it glow. Thus, it also helps in removing dark spots or patches efficiently.

Top Vitamin E Capsule benefits for hair

1. Prevents hair loss

benefits of vitamin e on hair

A study published in the National Library of Medicine suggested that Vitamin E accelerates hair growth in people struggling with hair loss. A common cause of hair loss is oxidative stress caused by reactive substances in the environment.

Vitamin E, an antioxidant, reduces this oxidative damage to the scalp (remember that whole science talk on free radicals). Thus, the nutrient actively prevents hair loss. Furthermore, it improves blood circulation in the scalp. This strengthens the hair and promotes natural hair growth.

2. Slows down greying of hair

benefits of vitamin e on hair

Loss of natural hair colour happens when the hair tissues start degenerating with age. Due to pollution and other irritants, you might begin noticing grey hair quite early in your life.

One of the most common vitamin E capsule benefits for hair is tissue repair. You can top it up with hair oil and creams to soothe your scalp and nourish the hair tissues. It will also bring back the natural colour to your hair.

3. Provides shine and elasticity

benefits of vitamin e on hair

The natural lustre of your hair is due to the lipid layer on your scalp. It safeguards your hair from the environment and also makes it shine. With consistent vitamin E intake, your hair will never look dull.

Additionally, vitamin E helps strengthen the hair follicles and enhance hair elasticity. This provides your hair with all-around protection from breakage and damage. It is also easier to style the hair without stress to the scalp.

4. Treats split ends

benefits of vitamin e on hair

Split ends can be so annoying, especially if you are trying to grow out your hair. They hinder hair growth and add to the extra chunk of hair tangled in your brush. Using harsh chemicals and strong heat-treatment regularly can cause split ends.

Supplements like vitamin E massage the scalp and repair your hair follicles. It results in healthy growth of hair and less split ends. The stronger and more voluminous your hair is, the less likely they are to split as they grow.

5. Pampers your scalp

benefits of vitamin e on hair

Your scalp bravely faces so much damage to protect your hair roots and follicles from abrasive environmental substances. It’s essential to spend some time pampering it. Vitamin E makes for the best rejuvenation agent for the scalp with its antioxidant properties. It soothes the sebaceous glands and maintains the pH on your scalp.

6. Controls dryness and frizz

benefits of vitamin e on hair

The layer of fat on your scalp gets scrubbed off by heat treatments and chemicals. It will result in excessive dry, brittle, and frizzy hair that is very hard to manage. On top of that, it will lead to more breakage. Vitamin E does a wonderful job of sorting out frizzy hair by maintaining the lipid layer on the scalp.


The benefits of vitamin E for your skin and hair are countless. Vitamin E hits the root cause of most of your hair problems. So, ensure that you are taking adequate vitamin supplements in your diet. That’s the best care you can give your beautiful skin and hair.

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