Tips to Maintain a Healthy Hair Routine

Hair care is often challenging, especially if you are short on time or a working professional. However, healthy hair and frequent styling can make you feel more confident, attractive and ready on the go. Creating a hair care routine might be easy to follow for many, but ridged schedules can find it hard to deal with. Fortunately, not all hair types need attention every day, and a lot of things in a healthy hair care routine only need to be done once or twice a week.

Meanwhile, taking care of your hair from the outside is one of the measures you can take toward a regular hair care routine. Still, a carefully curated diet plan and lifestyle also play an essential role in the quality of your hair.

How to develop a daily hair care routine for hair fall prevention:

In my suggestion, learning about the texture of your hair and assessing the kind of care it will require is something that needs to be done at the very first stage. This allows you to work around a proper hair care routine that will work wonders for your hair in the best way possible. I am listing a few hair care tips that you can incorporate into your daily hair care routine:

1. Washing your hair when necessary

I always prefer washing my hair when necessary and not in need. This is the best way to maintain your hair’s natural texture and chemical composition. People with thin hair should also avoid redundant hair washing when not needed. Each time you wash your hair unnecessarily, you might wash out all the good and nourishing natural oils that your hair requires to stay strong.

2. Avoiding the use of hot water

Yes, you heard me right. Never wash your hair with hot water, no matter how cold the weather or how badly you want a hot, steaming shower. The best alternative is to use lukewarm water instead of hot steaming water to preserve all the natural oils. It can strip your hair of protective oils that serve as a natural conditioner. 

3. No to brushing your fresh out-of-shower hair

One of the best daily hair care tips I have ever received. No matter how much your freshly wasted wet hair tempts you, never run through a hairbrush or a thin bristle comb. It will surely untangle your hair, but it causes it to break and become damaged. Still, if you are in a rush, use a comb starting at the bottom of your hair and working your way up. Another alternative is a wide tooth comb, which is the best way to remove any knots. 

4. Go natural when drying your hair.

Intense use of hot air can damage your hair follicles, leading to dry and damaged hair and the scalp. I always favour allowing your hair to air dry whenever possible. A quick suggestion for the people who are short on time when it comes to a proper hair care routine for their Indian hair, you can stick to a more relaxed air setting while using a blow-dryer.

5. Get a regular trim

Our hair is prone to split ends; if we do not trim them, it will look damaged and unhealthy. Try getting them cut every three months or so. 

You can always visit your nearest hair salon, or if you are lazy enough like me, you can also book an at-home hair service. Multiple apps and companies offer the same.

How to take care of hair daily by following these daily hair care tips:

1. Give your hair a break

Suppose you are someone who frequently dyes their hair, just like me. A break for your heart is a must. Take breaks between the next session of dying your hair. This will help your hair heal naturally before introducing it to new chemicals. 

Another way to give your hair a break is to avoid tight hairstyles like ponytails or bunds that create pressure. Such hairstyles cause hair breakage and, if worn for a long, can create bald spots. 

2. Save them from the sun

We are not blaming the sun. But it can be too much for your hair and scalp. It dries out your hair and scalp, and if you have coloured hair like me, you need to be more cautious because chemically treated hair can be easily affected by the sun and its heat. Whenever you are outside for a long, try covering your head with a hat or using hairspray with SPF protection for your hair and scalp. 

3. Treat your hair with oil.

If you are an Indian, you know how much your hair loves a pampering oil massage session. This is one of the best ways to revive the shine and restore the moisture balance of your hair. Numerous home remedies for all hair conditions involve natural ingredients such as olive oil, mustard oil, tea, coconut oil, honey, milk and more. In my suggestion oiling your hair every once or twice a week can be the best practice to fit your hair care routine for hair fall.

But I have a quick suggestion for people with busy schedules like working as IT professionals or non-IT professionals who cannot follow hair care routines with such dedication. You should always book a professional hair care service. Professional hair care services nowadays are affordable; you save time and can see results instantly. 

Best hair practices & hair care routine for Indian hair

1. Choosing the right shampoo

We all have unique hair textures, some have thin silky hair, and some have textured hair with a lot of volumes. You and I might have specific shampoo preferences because the market offers various products. 

A quick daily hair care tip: You can always switch your daily hair care routine by adding dry shampoo once or twice. 

2. Say YES! to conditioning 

Indian hair goes through all these weather changes, dust and pollution-filled lifestyle, and a quick handful of conditioner massage might do wonders for your hair. Make conditioning a part of your regular hair care routine for Indian hair; this may seem obvious. But conditioning the freshly shampooed hair is necessary because it nourishes your hair and restores the natural oils. 

Choose a conditioner as per your hair type. Going for a hydrating conditioner for dry hair is a big yes, and oily requires lightweight conditioners. 

Note: Avoid applying conditioner to your roots, which can create extra oily hair.

3. Using heat protection products 

If your job role or everyday style requires heated styling tools, do add a good brand of hair heat protection spray to your hair care routine. These products do not promise to give 100% protection but can pervert any severe damage to your hair. I will recommend a heat protection serum that is easy to apply and can be used on damp to dry hair.

If you want to add a little fun and feel more relaxed while taking care of your hair, why not go for professional hair treatments? Numerous hair services available can help your hair get deeply nourished and add life back to your hair, like hair spas, masks, therapies and more. You can also book fantastic hair care services in the comfort of your home with Mygate

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