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Parvathi and Suresh were on a month-long vacation, exploring the northeast Indian states of Meghalaya, Assam, Arunachal and Nagaland. When they returned to Hyderabad, they saw that their home was not tidy. Due to being locked for a month, the furniture and floor were full of dust. The kitchen was full of grime, and the bathrooms had cobwebs. Since both were working professionals, none of them had the time to do a full house cleaning. However, it was time for them to get a deep home cleaning, which they could not ignore. If the story of Parvathi and Suresh is similar to what you have experienced, or if you feel that deep cleaning is a daunting task, then this article is for you.

It is said that home is where the heart is. And if your home is not clean, you will always feel that something is amiss. Many times something similar, if not the same, happens with all of us. In our daily lives, we often tend to ignore the fact that our houses need deep cleaning from time to time. Gone were the days when we would once do a deep cleaning on Diwali or other such occasions. With time, pollution has gone up considerably, and therefore, we need to do a regular home cleaning before it gets too late.

Moreover, with an ever-increasing busy lifestyle, we do not enjoy the luxury of ample time at hand, which our parents or grandparents used to have. Deep cleaning is something, just like other mundane chores, that gets pushed to the backburner and mostly taken care of during the weekends or an extended holiday.

Of course, the daily cleaning that we do is the bare minimum that we can to keep our homes in great shape, but there are times there is a need for deep cleaning of our homes. But then, who will do something that feels like an overwhelming and daunting task, you may ask. Don’t worry. All you need to do is hire professional deep house cleaning services.

Let us look at some of the scenarios in our daily lives where we need to get home cleaning services.

  • If you are out of town for a prolonged period of time
  • If you have a party or a large gathering at home
  • If you are moving to a new home
  • If you have done some renovation of your home
  • If you have an upcoming festivity at your home
  • If you have not given your home a proper cleaning for an extended period

Why should you get a professional deep cleaning for your home?

There are many reasons to get professional help for home cleaning services in Hyderabad. Here are some of them:

  1. Health and well-being are among the most important reasons deep cleaning is imperative. It keeps your family healthy and enhances the overall positive environment at your home. Moreover, coming back to a clean house always takes away the stress caused by our busy lives.
  2. Hygiene – We all know the alarming rates at which pollution levels in our cities are increasing. Apart from dust and dirt, there is much smaller suspended particulate matter, which is often unnoticed. Moreover, this dust, allergens, bacteria, or germs can cause breathing difficulties, allergies, or other diseases. A thoroughly cleaned home helps you stay away from these unwanted guests.
  3. Effectiveness – Deep cleaning often requires professional help. These professionals are well trained to take care of every nook and corner of your home. They know their job inside out, and hiring these experts every two or three months will always keep your home in top shape. They use toxin-free chemicals and tools which ensure that your house is cleaned correctly. And you would not need to expend your time and energy doing these chores, which is mentally very stress-reducing.

What does a professional deep cleaning include?

Professional deep cleaning services include a whole bouquet of services. It depends on what your requirements are. Whether you need to do a deep cleaning of your entire home or just a part of it, for instance, kitchen or bathrooms, a full deep home cleaning service would include the following aspects:

  1. Living Room Deep Cleaning: As the name suggests, this includes cleaning your living room and arguably the most integral parts of your home. From vacuum cleaning of your sofa to those nooks and crannies behind your TV unit to steam cleaning your floors, or even the edges of your wall hangings, living room deep cleaning takes care of your daily use furniture to your appliances beyond just floor cleaning.
  2. Kitchen Deep Cleaning: This involves deep cleaning your kitchen slabs and external surfaces such as cabinets, appliances, cooktops, and washbasin or sinks to remove any possible oil and grime stains.
  3. Bathroom Deep Cleaning: This involves cleaning your taps, faucets that become dull over time and developing water stains, the WC seat, washbasins, and the wall tiles for a sparkling finish.
  4. Bedroom Deep Cleaning: The bedroom is where we all rest after a long tiring day, and if it is not clean, one doesn’t feel at home. Deep cleaning of the bedroom involves cleaning floors, the bed’s exterior surfaces, shelves, cabinets, chests and wardrobes, and any potential dust collecting surface.
  5. Other areas: Deep cleaning isn’t limited to the above but also involves the cleaning of other areas such as the balconies, storerooms, wardrobes, doors, ceiling fans, light fixtures, switchboards, etc.

So, it is always advisable to give your home a deep cleaning service every few months. Home deep cleaning is the answer to all your anxieties about keeping your home spic and span. It saves your time and energy, and it also ensures that it is professionally done without you having to keep a watch every time. Above all, it helps in boosting the positive environment of your home.


Is deep home cleaning better than what my maid does?

Yes, regular house help would not be able to do deep cleaning as it involves more than just manual labour. Deep cleaning is not one person’s job and is often executed by a team of trained professionals. It also consists of cleaning agents and specialised equipment to clean every nook and corner of your home, not just dusting and mopping.

What does deep cleaning involve?

Deep cleaning involves a thorough cleaning of your house or the part of your house that you need the service for, e.g. bathroom or kitchen etc. It requires vacuuming, dusting, steam mopping, and leverages cleaning agents and other equipment that give your home a deep clean and long-lasting shine.

How much time would deep cleaning of my house take?

It depends on the size of your house, the number of rooms, and if you want to get a specific room deep cleaned in particular. You will get to know about various such details such as time duration of our services, packages and other details while booking your next deep cleaning service. However, it usually takes anywhere between 5-6 hours for an entire house.

What do I need to do before availing of the deep cleaning services?

Before the deep cleaning services are performed, ensure that you keep all your valuables and breakable items away as the wardrobes and shelves would also be cleaned. Also, objects that get in the way of cleaning might need to be moved and placed elsewhere. You can have a detailed discussion with the cleaning professional on this.

What if I want my sofa to be deep cleaned?

Of course, we offer deep cleaning services for furniture as well. You can choose furniture deep cleaning separately or part of your home deep cleaning package.

I have pets at home. Are your products safe for pets?

Yes, our products are of the highest grade and are pet-friendly.

Am I needed at home during the deep cleaning services?

Yes, you or a family member needs to be home to explain which part of the home you need cleaning. Also, there will be certain parts that need more attention than others, and with someone there, it will help the professionals.

I have never tried deep cleaning before. Will there be any additional charges for anything?

All our packages are pre-determined, and there are no hidden or extra costs. All the details will be shared with you at the time of booking. So regardless of whether you have experience with deep cleaning, you will be given all the details before the professionals reach your home.

I have a two-story house. Do you deep clean such properties?

Regardless of the kind of home, i.e. apartment, duplex, villa, we can do the deep cleaning of all types of properties. If you need any additional information, feel free to contact our customer care team.

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