How to Clean Bathroom Taps: Home Remedies

Have you ever thought about how to clean taps? 

Yes, taps are one of the most frequently used elements of our bathrooms. Unfortunately, the bathroom taps not only come in contact with your hands but also get sprayed with soap, shampoo, water, and toothpaste, thus causing them to get dirty and look old over time. 

While none of us have the time or energy for water tap cleaning daily to keep them in the top-notch form, it might become too unattractive and obvious to ignore at times. Accumulation of dirt and grime is why thorough water tap cleaning is essential. Have you considered how to clean taps with limescale, grime, and hard water stains when the cleaning bug strikes? 

Before we look for answers, let’s look at how dirt accumulates on these fixtures.

Where does the dirt on taps come from?

When cleaning your taps, it is good to be aware of the following four typical issues:

  • Dirt on the knob
    The knob is the most often touched part of the tap. It acquires dirt by frequent handling. When used with dirty hands, dirt and dust particles settle on the bathroom taps.
  • Limescale accumulation
    Limescale build-up is not uncommon. Limescale is a hard, chalky calcium carbonate coating that builds up in tap filters over time. It causes the flow of water to slow down. Limescale build-up is ugly and unhygienic. Want to know how to clean taps with limescale? Stay tuned.
  • Grime at tap joint with sink
    An inconvenient part that is difficult to clean and is constantly damp is the tap joint with the sink. When dirt from the tap flows down from the handle, it can collect at the tap junction with the sink.
  • Hard water stains on the tap
    Hard water stains not only take away the shine of the taps but are hard to remove. In addition, calcium and magnesium deposits in tap water can cause brownish streaks on the tap. 

What you need to clean bathroom taps

Before learning how to clean bathroom taps, get these supplies handy. 

  • A Bathroom Cleaner Spray
    The bathroom cleaner spray has a deep cleaning action that removes the toughest grime, limescale deposits, and scum in seconds. It disinfects the tap and surface by killing germs. Using a good quality bathroom cleaner spray will keep your sink taps, bathroom walls, and other surfaces spotless.
  • A microfibre cloth
    This solution is for the bathroom taps that are metal-plated. Avoid using an abrasive sponge on these taps since they might damage the finish. Instead, clean the bathroom taps with a microfibre cloth daily. This will help retain the metal finish of the bathroom taps and give them a new shine.
  • An old (but firm) toothbrush
    That gooey stuff behind and around the water tap base can be mildew or bacteria, so cleaning them carefully with a toothbrush and a bathroom cleaner agent is a hygienic practice.
  • A scouring sponge
    These sponges are great for cleaning bathroom surfaces, taps, countertops, and more. They are two-sided providing benefits of both cellulose and abrasive sponges. The abrasive side can be of varying toughness. On the other hand, a non-scratch, low abrasive side is for everyday use.

How to remove hard water stains from taps

  • How to clean water taps with baking soda
    Baking soda is an alkali that helps remove tough stains on bathroom taps. Prepare a paste with baking soda and water and then scrub it with a toothbrush. There are many blogs and DIY tips available online on how to clean water taps with baking soda.
  • Using Cleaner Spray
    Bathroom cleaner sprays make cleaning taps at home simple with the appropriate cleaning regimen and products. The bathroom taps will be shining in no time if you follow these instructions.

Remove any toothbrushes, pots, or soaps from the area around the tap. Allow one minute after spraying the spray on the entire tap area. Then, brush the filth from the tap base with an old toothbrush. Wipe the handle and the rest of the tap with a towel to remove any leftover filth. Clear away the dirt and grime with the cloth. Rinse thoroughly with water or wipe with a microfibre cloth to clean and shine the surface.

Although many household hacks are available on how to clean taps with limescale, using cleaner spray has multiple benefits.

Benefits of choosing bathroom cleaner spray

When it comes to deep cleaning bathroom taps, bathroom cleaner spray can reach all those criss-cross angles. The spray quickly removes stubborn dirt, stains, and grime from the taps and surrounding areas.

You may enjoy your long dip in the tub or energising shower in peace now that you know how to clean taps thoroughly and your bathroom is shining and dirt-free.

Whatever be your cleaning needs, (brand name) has you covered for removing stubborn dirt and grime in those hard-to-reach places. We hope that this blog will help you with water tap cleaning

If this blog has inspired you to deep-clean every inch of your home, try our brilliant home cleaning products. 

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