How to Get Rid of Pests at Home Naturally!

Pests are a nuisance that everyone has to bear at least once in their life. There might be 100s of bugs still lurking in your home right now. Most of the time, they do not cause catastrophic damage. But sometimes, they can cause a great deal of stress and physical harm to your property. However, running out to buy a chemical pesticide every time you have cockroach troubles may not be convenient. At such a time, herbal pest control to get rid of pests naturally will come in handy. This article will show you how to remove insects from your home with natural remedies.

What causes a pest problem at home?

There are many reasons pests may decide to stay in your home, uninvited and rent-free. Unlike common beliefs, cleanliness has little to do with it. One major cause of pest infestation is the weather change. In harsh weather conditions, especially fall, rodents, insects, and roaches often take shelter in the haven that is your home.

Another cause is uncovered drains and pipes. Pests can easily find their way in through drain pipes from your local sewers. Sometimes, pests hitch a ride on your clothes or grocery items. They also enter through unnoticed gaps like vents, window holes, doors, etc. You really cannot entirely stop the flow of pests into your house. But it can be reduced significantly; we will tell you how!

Why should you prefer natural remedies?

Although chemical pesticides do their jobs well, there are many reasons to avoid them.

  • They can become a safety hazard if you have kids or pets around.
  • They cost a lot more than natural home remedies.
  • Using chemicals may damage the surfaces of your home. On the other hand, natural pest control remedies are quite safe and effective. And you can find these ingredients easily in your home.

Natural pest control remedies for ants

Ants can be a real nuisance, especially in the kitchen. Here are some home remedies to keep the little devils away.

1. Chalk

Chalk is made of calcium carbonate, a substance that keeps the ants away. You can power chalk and sprinkle it around the common entry points of ants. Make sure the powdered ant-barrier does not get smudged.

2. White vinegar

A 3:1 solution of vinegar and water can help keep ants away from your home. Mix the solution in a bottle and sprinkle it near the entry points like window sills and doors. Repeat this daily till you see no ants around.

3. Pepper

Yep, ants hate pepper as much as they love sugar. So, you can make a solution of black pepper in water and spray it near the entry points. Be careful with the solution if you have pets or kids in the house.

4. Lemons

Sour things like lemon gets rid of ants easily. You can squeeze some lemon drops or place lemon peels around the entry areas. Alternatively, you can mop the floor with a lemon-water solution. The smell will help keep the ants away.

Natural pest control remedies for cockroaches. These creepy crawlers are disgusting, eerie, and unsettling for anyone. If your home is infected by some, here is how to do herbal pest control for cockroaches.

5. Baking soda & onions

Baking soda is one of the most effective home remedies for roaches. Slice a few onions and sprinkle the pieces with baking soda. Place these onion slices in places where you have noticed cockroaches. Baking soda creates gases in their stomach which kills these pests.

6. Boric acid and sugar

Boric acid is harmful to roaches as it sticks to their legs and wings. When ingested, it affects their digestive system, killing them instantly. Make a boric acid solution with sugar and place it anywhere you see roach activity. It will require a few applications.

7. Essential oils

Peppermint, lemongrass, and other essential oils act as good roach repellents. Mix them with water and keep the solution near the hiding spots of cockroaches. This solution only repels cockroaches but does not kill them.

Natural pest control remedies for mosquitoes

Mosquitos are among the most invasive pests in homes, responsible for many harmful diseases. Here are some natural mosquito repellants:

1. Garlic water

Garlic is one of the most effective repellents for mosquitoes. Boil a few pieces of garlic in water and then cool the solution. Now pour it into a home pest control spray bottle and spray it around the house. The solution will instantly get rid of mosquitos.

2. Cloves and lemon

Lemon and cloves together magically keep mosquitos away. Take a lemon and slice it into a few pieces. Now place some cloves inside these lemon pieces and keep them at different places in the house. It will prevent mosquitoes from entering the house.

3. Camphor

The strong odour of camphor instantly repels mosquitos. You can mix two camphor pills with half a cup of water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture around your house and outdoors. Alternatively, you can burn some camphor pieces inside the house for 20-30 minutes. Stay outside as the smoke kills all the mosquitos.

4. Lavender oil

The scent of lavender oil keeps mosquitos away. You can spray some lavender oil around the house. You can also rub it on your skin to prevent mosquito bites. Lavender is also completely harmless for kids and pets.

Natural pest control remedies for houseflies

Houseflies carry germs and bacteria from different places to your house. Here are some herbal pest control methods for houseflies.

1. Basil leaves

Basil leaves are known to drive houseflies away from the house. You can grow small Basil plants in pots and keep them around your house and kitchen. The smell of basil leaves will keep the houseflies from lurking around.

2. Orange peels

Take fresh orange peels and tie them with a thin muslin cloth. Hang this sachet in different places around your house. It will act as a quick housefly repellant. Keep changing the peels when they dry up.

3. Natural oils

Essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, neem, lavender, and lemongrass are excellent housefly repellents. You can mix the oils with water or spirit and spray the mixture around the house. They will keep the houseflies away and fill your home with a nice scent.

4. Salt and turmeric

A mixture of salt and turmeric gets rid of houseflies easily. You can sprinkle both ingredients on the floor and your kitchen slabs. It will drive the houseflies away. Make sure you keep the mixture away from moisture.

How to remove other insects from home

Pest infestation is not limited to the above-mentioned pests, even if they are the most common. But some herbal pest control remedies work for most types of pests. You should keep these items ready in your home.

The most useful being essential oils. They are helpful to some extent in controlling any type of pest infestation. Apart from that, fresh herbs like Basil, Rosemary, or sage are also helpful in avoiding insects. Some kitchen ingredients like salt, lemon, vinegar, and onions also repel most types of pests.

You use these ingredients in different forms depending on your convenience. Solutions with water or alcohol work the best for making an insect spray for home. You can also resort to direct application for the best results.


We have covered the best tips on how to keep insects away from home naturally. Please note that these tips are quick fixes. In case of severe infestation, it is always best to seek professional help. After removing pests, it is also important to prevent them from coming back. So, you must also work on making your home pest-proof. Lastly, you should choose the ingredients carefully, considering the safety of your household and family.

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