Top 10 Shades for Indian Skin Tones: Loreal Hair Colour Chart

Loreal Hair Colour Chart

Do you believe in Loreal Hair Colour because you feel it is truly worth it? If you love your Loreal Hair Colour Shades, here is this article explaining all you need to know about some of the shades perfect for Indian Skin Tones. We have written this blog to help you select the ideal shade for your hair. So, we present products such as Excellence Crème that give you a youthful look or colour crush Casting Crème Gloss to you all types.

The list of top 10 Loreal Hair Colour Shades for Indian Skin is as follows:

1. L’Oréal Hair Colour Black Excellence Crème- Black-Neutral Black

This is one type among many Loreal Hair Colour Shades that is made to suit all forms of Indian hair. It is ammonia-free and is also 100% resistant to grey coverage. One of this product’s unique selling points or USPs is the ease with which you can apply it. It is also a nourishing colour that, on application, makes your hair appear rich, radiant, and beautiful. This hair product is presented in a one-time use pack in which the developer bottle is kept half-full for you to mix colour crème with the developer so that you can apply it easily.

2. L’Oréal Hair Colour Black Casting Creme Gloss- Ebony Black-Neutral Black

Among several Loreal Hair Colour Shades for Indian Skin is one which is perfect for all hair types, be it natural, coloured, or even highlighted. It is a non-ammonia hair content that gives you a natural-looking shine, shimmering tones, and a glossy look.

More importantly, this product provides an intense conditioning experience during the process of colouring.

This hair colour lasts as long as up to 28 washes. When applied, it can cover about 50% of your grey hair. However, it takes up to 20 minutes to develop into effective hair colour.

3. L’Oréal Hair Brown Colour Paris Excellence Crème- Warm Brown

If you have a wheatish skin complexion with cool undertones, this Loreal Hair Colour Shades is among a few available for your hair. In terms of Loreal Hair Colour Shades with Numbers, this product is Shade Number 3, perfect for all hair types. It possesses a protective colourant crème enriched with pro-keratin and protective serum. This hair colour shade on application helps in cleansing your hair scalp to stimulate the radiation of vibrant colour. This product also possesses French Rose Oil, which helps nourish masque to smoothen your hair and add lustrous shine.

4. L’Oréal Hair Colour Paris Excellence Crème- Natural Brown

If you want naturally brown hair, this is one of a few Loreal Hair Colour Shades you can choose. It is a product that is 100% resistant to grey coverage. It is one Loreal Hair Colour Shades for Indian Skin that is very clean and easy to apply. It possesses nourishing, rich, radiant, and beautiful colours, and they also have exclusive and excellent non-drip crème. Furthermore, this product is perfect for women with olive or dark skin complexions who want to cover up their greying hair.

5. L’Oréal Brown Hair Colour Casting Creme Gloss- Cool Brown

For those having warm skin tone, this is one of the few of the Loreal Hair Colour Shades, which is perfect for use on the hair. It is a product that has no ammonia. Apart from covering up the greying of your hair, this is one Loreal Hair Colour Shades for Indian Skin that adds to your hair’s glossy shine and a tone that shimmers. When applied, this product helps provide that natural look. As for Loreal Hair Colour Shades with Numbers, this beautiful hair shade is number 500.

6. L’Oréal Hair Colour Casting Creme Gloss – Warm Brown

Are you looking to pick the best Loreal Hair Colour Shades? Are you confused? If you are, we advise you to choose this Praline Brown product today. It is free of ammonia, giving your hair a naturally glossy and shimmering look. This product also possesses a moisturising property that helps enrich your satin-soft-like hair and helps provide it with a lot of shine. Additionally, this hair shade is ideal for any calm skin tone.

7. L’Oréal Hair Colour Excellence Crème- Cool Red

For warm skin tones, this is one of many Loreal Hair Colour Shades that is ideally suited and is 100% resistant to grey coverage. The product is also a nourishing hair colour possessing rich, radiant, and beautiful colour, having an excellent exclusive non-drip crème. In addition, this shade helps colour your hair completely burgundy or allows you to opt for incredible red streaks or lowlights.

8. L’Oréal Red Hair Colour Excellence Crème- Warm Red

For all those with ‘Cool’ Indian skin tones, this Dark Mahgony Red L’Oréal hair product is ideal. This hair shade possesses triple protection properties that rejuvenate and protects hair from inside and outside. It also helps in providing 100% resistance against grey coverage. So, if you want to radiate through your hair coolness, this is one Loreal Hair Colour Shades for Indian Skin that you need to buy today.

9. L’Oréal Hair Colour Paris Preference Infinia

If you are looking for an edgy hair colour in the shade of red, this product is what you need to buy today. It is a hair colour that, when added, helps make it look beautiful and luminous and gives you a high-quality salon-quality shade of hair. This product is infused with shine serum, vitamin E, and UV filter and therefore helps vibrancy and softness to your hair. In addition, it is a fade-defying colour that lasts about eight weeks.

Above all, you can use this hair hue to colour your hair utterly scarlet red or use streaks or ombre.

10. L’Oréal Blonde Hair Colour Excellence Crème

You need to buy this product if you want to opt for the ombre look. It is a product that helps nourish your hair and adds a lot of shine. This hair shade is also perfectly suitable for people having typical Indian complexions.

More importantly, this hair hue is perfect for all individuals seeking to exhibit that cool ombre look.


Overall, the above list represents information on the best Loreal Hair Colour Shades and a few Loreal Hair Color Shades with Numbers. The questions that might pop up in mind on reading this blog could include, Is Loreal colour harmful? How do I choose my hair colour? The answer to these questions is that they are not too dangerous since they are enriched with ceramide. However, there is a possibility that overuse of hair colour could lead to damage to the hair follicle. Therefore, you must select the right colour for your hair by judging your skin undertone correctly. Here is hoping that this article helps you purchase the best product from among the many Loreal Hair Colour Shades available in the market today. So, if you are looking for one of the best Loreal Hair Colour Shades, this article should give you a good idea and help your buying decision.

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