The Best Ways to Clean Your Bathroom Tiles and Floor

Did you know that the quality of your life can be measured by looking at how well you maintain your bathroom or washroom tiles? A clean mind and body are directly proportional to the level of hygiene in the bathroom. It is no secret that the bathroom has maximum traffic day and night, which makes it susceptible to all kinds of impurities, including mold, fungus, and other kinds of harmful bacteria.

The beauty of the entire home can be preserved by making sure that the bathroom wall tiles and washroom tiles are kept clean. If you can get the bathroom floor tiles professionally cleaned by experts, it would go a long way in enhancing your home’s overall sanctity and beauty quotient.

Why is tile cleaning important?

Regular cleaning of the bathroom floor tiles ensures an enhanced life span of the bathroom flooring. Tiles are prone to get dirt and grime accumulated in between the grout joints, which can lead to deterioration of the floor quality in the long term. It can also lead to an unhygienic environment. Laying floor tiles in metro cities entails a lot of expenses. A stitch in time saves nine. Prevent paying costly medical bills due to accidental body falls on damp surfaces on the bathroom floor.

Bathroom tile cleaning and aesthetics

People living in the most happening metropolitan cities in India understand the need to spruce up the interior beauty of the home. The home should be kept sacred by eliminating the harmful bacteria that gets lodged under and in between the tiles.

A wonderful ambiance in the washroom will go a long way in making the entire living place vibrant and exciting. Old bathroom tile cleaning services are the most sought-after service for busy urbanites who seldom find time to do house chores. With the advent of professional cleaning services, including cleaning for bathroom wall tiles, you can relax and binge-watch your favourite series on Netflix and chill the heaven out. Let the professionals take complete care of your bathroom and washroom.

DIY bathroom floor and wall tile cleaning

In case you feel that the bathroom wall tile cleaning cannot wait, here is a rundown as to how to carry out the disinfectant operation of the washroom floor tiles on your own.

Household ingredients for bathroom wall tile cleaning

  • Salt
  • Vinegar
  • Spray bottle
  • Sponge and scrubbing pad
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Cleaning products

Step 1: Spot-treatment of visible stains

The first step is to prepare a mixture containing half a cup of vinegar and water of the same quantity. Spread the mixture on the stains on the affected area using a spray bottle. Wash the whole area with water and scrub it properly with an old toothbrush. Salt can be used in case of hard water stains. The function of salt is that it is a wonderful disinfectant and eliminates germs in the surrounding areas. Ensure that the affected area is wet and, at the same time, use an adequate amount of salt to clean the premises. After the stained area is liberally sprinkled with salt, make sure that the whole setup undergoes settlement for 60 minutes. Now make use of a scrubber to remove the salt. You will observe that the stain has completely gone. To remove any traces of remaining stains, make sure that you use a concentrated solution of water and vinegar. This step is a sure-shot procedure and is highly effective in cleaning washroom tiles.

 Step 2: Complete cleaning of bathroom wall tiles

Effective bathroom cleaning makes the whole washroom radiate with hygiene and positive vibes. It is quite easy to complete the process of bathroom wall tile cleaning with the right tools and materials. You need some hot water vapours, baking soda, and lemon juice. The initial step would be to run a hot shower. The vapours emanating from the hot water will react with the grime lodged on the bathroom tiles and soften it.

Now take a container and prepare a mixture of a half cup of baking soda and an equal amount of lemon juice and pour it into a bucket of warm water. You can then apply the mixture nicely on all surfaces. Once you ensure that the entire surface is totally scrubbed, allow it to settle for a couple of minutes. Immediately after that, make use of a disinfected sponge made wet through water dampening and wipe the entire surface clean. Bathroom cleaners available at the local stores can provide a clean finish. These bathroom products ensure that the soap sediments are cleanly washed off the whole surface.

 Step 3: Comprehensive cleaning of bathroom floor tiles

 A vacuum cleaner can loosen the dust and dirt particles on the bathroom floor. It is advisable to start from the farthest point of the bathroom door and slowly work toward the central point. The cleaning of the bathroom floor tiles should immediately follow after cleaning the walls. The walls can be completely vacuumed, and after that, the floor tiles can be swept to remove any loose hair strands. The process can be carried out using an appropriate floor cleaner such as sodium hypochlorite solution. This solution has the capability to completely eliminate germs, helping to restore cleanliness, safety, and hygiene in the washroom premises.

 Step 4: Cleaning grout

 Grout is the space present between the tiles. Germs and bacteria trapped in the grout spoil the aesthetic appearance of your washroom tiles. A washroom is a kind of a sacred place where everything needs to be beautiful and free of germs and should radiate a positive feeling whenever you take a bath. 

The porous grout is the ultimate lightning rod that attracts all kinds of moisture and dust particles. Prepare an effective bathroom cleaning solution in a bowl consisting of one cup of white vinegar and the same quantity of water. After spraying generous amounts of the solution onto the grout, wait for 20 minutes and then take hold of a rugged toothbrush and scrub the particles on the grout. After the whole process is complete, make sure to rinse the area with plain water and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth used to dry the tiles.

 Step 5: Removing mould

Damp conditions in the washroom or bathroom can lead to the growth of a dangerous fungus called mold, which is very harmful to young children with weak immune systems. It is, therefore, a fundamental responsibility of modern educated urbanites to eliminate damp spots in the washroom. The probability of mold growing in the washroom is particularly more in humid regions where there is a lot of moisture retention in the washroom and the level of pollution is also high. 

In the majority of the cases, the mold formed in the bathroom is non-toxic. It is recommended to clean the mold with a scrub and cleansing solution to prevent huge growth. Take a cup of vinegar and put it in a spray bottle. Do not add water and directly spray the vinegar on the mold-infested area. Let the whole situation settle for 60 minutes after which the entire area can be cleaned with a microfiber cotton cloth.

Step 6: Tile maintenance

 It is expensive to replace bathroom tiles on the floor and the wall. The hygiene-conscious residents of big cities feel the need to maintain the luster and shine of the bathrooms as much as they can since the washroom is a symbol of the aesthetics of the entire home.

The above steps can be completed quickly and comfortably by breaking the entire task into smaller sub-tasks. Disease-causing germs are one of the unwanted side effects of dirty tiles. Using sodium hypochlorite as an active ingredient goes a long way in the hundred percent removal of germs.


Maintaining clean tiles in the bathroom and washroom is a status symbol for most house owners. Guests arriving at your home will be impressed and have a positive impression of your family when they see impeccably maintained washroom tiles. In this era of modern living, where perception is the key, it is vital to make a quality impression on your colleagues and family friends. In case of non-availability of time and energy, hiring a tile and grout professional cleaning company is always recommended to eliminate the need for hard physical labor from your side. For many people living in the urban metro areas with both spouses working, it makes sense to invest in a washroom tile cleaning company to enjoy peace of mind and upgrade the quality of life.

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