Top 10 Garnier Hair Colour Shades Chart in India

Hair colour has been around for centuries and is sourced from various ingredients. The primary reason was maintaining a youthful appearance and continuing the aura of a particular look or style. Henna, Mehendi, and indigo dye are some of the traditionally used ingredients for hair colour in the Indian civilization.

Many of you would have wished to try colouring your hair at some point. But you might have also been concerned about the outcome.

Will it suit my skin tone?

Will it look good on me?

How do I choose the right colour for my skin tone? Is hair colouring safe?

What if it doesn’t and I mess up?

These would have probably been some questions that might have popped up in your mind, and you might have scrapped the idea of colouring your hair. Well, here is all you need to know to choose the perfect hair colour that suits your Indian skin tone.

How to choose the right hair colour?

Before deciding on your hair colour, you must find your skin undertone. Skin undertone completely differs from skin complexion, which is dark, medium, or light and varies depending on the season. Skin undertones are of three types, namely, calm, warm, and neutral.

You could do a simple wrist test to find out your skin undertone. If the veins on your wrist have a bluish or purplish tint, you have a cool skin undertone. If they have a greenish tint, you have a warm undertone. If you cannot ascertain the colour of your veins, you have a neutral skin undertone.

The next step is figuring out what hair colour would suit you.

Choosing an appropriate colour for your hair from the range offered by Garnier

The Garnier hair colour shade chart in India has many options to suit every palate. Garnier hair colour shades are enriched with olive oil, which acts as a conditioner. It helps in keeping your hair smooth and shiny. Here is a brief list of the hair colour shades offered by Garnier.

List of Black hair colour shades

1. Warm shade – Natural Black

The Garnier Hair Colour Black Naturals would be a good option if you simply want to cover the greys and give your hair a natural black look. Additionally, this would be a good fit for cool skin undertones.

2. Cool shade – Reflective Blue Black

You can choose this option if you prefer to maintain a natural look but also add a little kick to your hair. In addition, this shade would work well with warm skin undertones.

Hair colour shades based on Brown:

3. Warm shade – Caramel Brown

This shade of brown would be an excellent option for both full head and highlights.

4. Neutral shade – Light Brown

This shade would be suitable for people with any skin undertone. So, if you’re confused, this is a safe shade to go with.

5. Neutral shade – Brown

This shade is the closest to your naturally brown hair and would be a perfect option to cover the greys. Also, this shade is suitable for all skin undertones.

6. Cool shade – Darkest Brown

This shade will do wonders if you are someone with a medium or olive complexion, and brownie points for those with brown or hazel eyes. The Garnier Darkest Brown shade would enhance your overall look. Also, this shade would be fantastic on warm skin undertones. It is one of the most popular Garnier hair colour pouch shades.

Hair colour shades based on Red

7. Warm shade – Copper Red

This shade comes with slight gold undertones and would go well with cool skin undertones. Darker shades of red like crimson and copper would look striking with medium skin complexions.

8. Neutral shade – Intense Red

If you have a fair skin complexion, you could get a full redhead as this would give a contrasting look. On the other hand, if you have a dark complexion, you could perhaps use this shade as a low highlighter and not as a full head shade.

9. Cool shade – Wine Burgundy

This edgy shade would go well with peachy or golden hues. It would be a perfect choice for a warm skin undertone.

Hair colour shades based on Blonde

10. Warm shade – Light Golden Brown

Garnier offers blonde shade options that are browner than blonde, thus suitable for Indian skin tones. In addition, this shade would sit well with a cool skin undertone.

How to colour your hair? 

Hair colouring comes with a cost. First, you must be ready to dedicate some time to hair care and maintenance regularly. While a good hair spa at a salon at regular intervals would do wonders for your hair, you can also do a hair spa at home.

All you need to do is follow five simple steps:

  • Massage your hair and scalp with oil to nourish your hair. Any oil would do.
  • Steam with a towel so the oil penetrates your hair cuticle.
  • Use a gentle sulfate-free shampoo to wash your hair.
  • Apply a conditioner and leave it for 15-20 minutes. It could be a natural kitchen ingredient like curd or eggs.
  • Rinse your hair well and let it dry naturally.


You could choose to colour your hair to get a completely new makeover, stand out in the crowd, add some kick to your natural hair, or simply hide those greys. Regardless of the reason, you should have a good understanding of skin complexion, skin undertones, and hair shades that would suit your Indian skin tone. While the right choice of hair colour could enhance your overall appearance, one wrong choice could completely wreck your look. So, you must consult a genuine hair stylist and work through your options before making the final decision. As mentioned above, you need to stick to your aftercare routine.

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