10 Important Things To Do When You Move Into A New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment can be exciting and stressful at the same time. The joy of moving into your new home is capped with the tension of ensuring whether the decision is right or not. You might be confused about what to consider.

If you or your loved one is facing a similar frenzy, then you have landed at the right place! Below is a checklist of things you must consider when you move into a new apartment.

1. Change the locks, immediately

Once you move into a new apartment, get the old locks replaced on utmost priority. The old locks might have multiple duplicate keys, in which case, an outsider gaining access to your new home is a cakewalk. Changing the locks immediately will prevent an uninvited entry to your dwelling. Find a locksmith near to your place and he will do the job for you.

2. Get pest controlled

Get the entire house pest controlled in order to save yourself and your family from infections. Try contacting the nearest pest control service so that the job is done as early as possible. They usually take around a day to complete the task.

3. Gather important contacts

As you are new to the apartment, it is important you understand and know your surroundings better. Start with gathering contact details of significant people your community such as neighbours, management committee, main gate security, etc. These details will be extremely helpful incase of emergencies.

4. Update your government identity documents

Update your address in your identity proof cards such as PAN, Aadhar, Election card and other important documents. The recent wave of digitization has made updating identity proof a lot more convenient.

5. Check for a security system

Before moving in, check if your apartment or community is signed up with a reliable security system. Thoroughly understand the type of system used, the level of security it provided. Most communities today have updated to an apartment management software that lets them secure as well as manage the society with ease. Incase your community doesn’t offer a good security setup, you can discuss the matter with the management and help them understand the importance of having one.

6. Get to know your neighbours

One of the initial practices new residents must follow after moving into a society is getting to know their neighbours. The person next door could be your immediate help incase of emergencies and knowing them well will make settling in way more easy.

7. Get an alarm system in place

The need for a security alarm is high for both, people living in urban areas and also for people living in gated communities. A security alarm is your tech enabled watchdog that looks after your house and alerts you of any suspicious activity while you are away. For people living in gated communities, a security alarm is of great advantage as it not only alerts the residents but also notifies the security guards in the event of an emergency.

8. Ensure a leak-free environment

Inspecting leaks is something we conveniently assume to be ok and tend to overlook. Despite our landlords/brokers claiming leak-free pipes, it makes sense to double check before committing. There is an easy way to determine water leaks. Before you move in, check the water meter and note down the level of water. After two hours, measure it again. Make sure you do not use water during these two hours. If the level reduces despite any water consumption, the system is faulty and needs an immediate fix.

9. Examine the detectors

Safeguarding your home is of utmost priority. In order to stay aware and alert of any upcoming circumstances, the detectors need to function properly. Therefore, right after you move in, do a thorough audit. If you spot a faulty device, notify the management and get them fixed. If the management denies replacement you can shop at the home improvement stores or online.

10. Get done with the maintenance tasks

Maintenance tasks, such as cleaning the refrigerator coils, cabinets, AC or checking if the water heater needs any new air filters, are the ones we neglect and do not examine. However trivial it may seem, these miscellaneous exercises, if dysfunctional, can add up to a huge chunk of stress once you have settled in and are ready to roll. Therefore, it is intelligent to take care of these issues closely and get the necessary adjustments done for a smooth sail and a hassle-free experience.

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