Rent apartment to single or Family? Important Factors to consider

Landlords across India are known to deny tenancy to bachelors for several reasons, some justifiable and some baseless. If you’re interested in renting your property, you might need to consider a few factors with respect to the type of tenant you want vis-a-vis your practical needs. Let’s explore the difference between Bachelor and Family tenants. 

Important factors to decide for the landlord

1. How big is your house?

If you have a small 1BHK or 1RK, it’s most likely to be suitable for one or two people to reside, in which case it’s better to rent to bachelors.

2. Is your house furnished?

Families already have furniture and appliances of their own but bachelor may not come with a lot of baggage. If your home is furnished and well-equipped, you may have to remove some of it for a family. Bachelors or students may not be able to afford a higher rent for a furnished home. On the other hand, a steadily employed and trustworthy bachelor (or a couple) who can afford to pay a higher rent for your furnished home, maybe more suitable. 

3. Do you want to rent your home to a family with children?

Little kids are likely to cause some damage to the property like paint on the walls or break fixtures. Responsible parents would pay for the restoration but if you are not interested in taking chances, rent to singles.

4. What are your rent and agreement expectations?

Singles may not always be able to afford higher rents. If you have a bigger and furnished house in a good locality, it may appeal to families or working professionals who have the financial clout. Lease agreements have a lock-in period of 3-6 months which may not be acceptable to some short-term renters.

Disadvantages of renting to bachelors

There is no legal mandate in any national or regional cooperative acts that prohibit bachelors from renting out a place in residential societies, however, society members are usually reluctant to allow bachelors into a gated community environment for the following reasons:

Bachelors rent out an apartment usually to share together whether they’re working or studying but in many cases, they could just be single occupants. Landlords have experienced often that singles and students may be irregular when paying rent and maybe irresponsible in general with respect to paying utility bills as well. Due to this, there may be delays in receiving rent and frequent power/ gas disconnections. 

Another reason is that bachelors do not stay for longer durations in one place so that’s an inconvenience over and above the lack of stability. Usually, landlords prefer a two-year commitment to the accommodation. 

There may sometimes be loud parties and get-togethers late into the night that might be a nuisance to the neighbors. 

They may not always keep the apartment clean, and follow the rules of the society regarding code of conduct, parking, waste management others since they don’t have any real stake in the functioning of the society. 

They may not have proper identification proofs, be able to furnish local references, for the leasing agreement, and may not always be who they claim to be. 

Even though the landlord may be willing to rent out to bachelors, the housing society may have reservations and apprehensions about it.

Benefits of renting to bachelors

If you’re renting to a couple of bachelors, they would split the rent, hence be able to afford your asking price.

If they’re properly screened, vetted, and vouched for while being made aware of the society rules from the beginning, they can be the ideal tenants as they’re independent and keep to themselves without causing any trouble. 

They can be helpful to the landlord in case of emergencies if the landlord is out of town or lives away. 

With the growing number of students and professionals who migrate to cities, there is a good opportunity to find many renters and earn continuous income. 

Why do landlords prefer families?

They’re willing to lease for 2-5 years at least as families don’t prefer to move too often. 

Families blend easily with the beat and lifestyle of other residents, which is why societies don’t object to having them as tenants.

They are regular with the rent and bill payments and adhere to all rules. 

Qualified bachelors vs questionable families

At the end of the day, the landlord should be able to discern between two potential candidates and decide whether they’re bachelors or families on the basis of the quality of their conduct and background credentials. Screening them through diligent reference checks is the right approach. You may make the mistake of assuming that if you’re renting to a family, you’ll be safe. The family you rent to can be disruptive or make trouble due to a number of reasons once they occupy the premises. For instance, they may be uncivilized, loud, crass, or have unsavory guests visit often. On the other hand, an educated and responsible working professional, in spite of being single, can be a great tenant owing to their urban, independent, or quiet lifestyle. The same goes for students; those with good family values and straight priorities can make good tenants. It’s wrong to discriminate on the basis of a traditional mindset. 

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