MyGate Journeys: Rashika Daaga

June 28, 2019
By Team MyGate

It was about two years ago when I crossed paths with the leadership at MyGate and was deeply influenced by the problem under discussion, and the solution being built at scale. While the idea was still being nurtured, the vision was clearly embedded in our minds… Simplifying Urban Living!

I started out as an individual contributor within the operations team. Today, as I lead the Account Management Team and look back to the day I began my journey with MyGate, I have come to realise that my time at the company has been transformational. I can proudly claim that I help MyGate stay at the top of its game on a daily basis.

Consistent Innovation

None of this can be imagined without the right blend of customer-centric design and robust tech foundation. I have witnessed the solution evolve constantly. From a bare-bones application to a disruptive force simplifying life for over half a million homes in India, we have embraced innovation to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Equally essential is the need to put the right structure in place that systematically pursues and champions innovation. Mission-specific teams, working towards measurable outcomes, and a culture that encourages experimentation to align to changing customer expectations, ensures that the company remains a pioneering force in its space. Even with an aggressive emphasis on sales and marketing, the focus on improving the product has never deviated.

Valuable Exposure

MyGate has helped me broaden my horizon of being valuable and strong by investing trust in my abilities. I have always had the freedom to voice my opinions and share feedback based on my first hand experience of interacting with customers. The synergy between my personal growth and the company is flawless… I have enriched my skills and crafted a compelling persona, which helps me emerge as a stronger and wiser individual.

Being an integral cog in the wheel at MyGate, I can easily advocate that the company offers a plethora of opportunities to showcase how one can add value, both to the business and the community as a whole. I have received unconditional support, knowledge, wisdom, and time to deliver both as an individual contributor and now as a team lead.

Company Mindset

For any business to achieve success, a lot depends on the collective company psyche, as in how a company thinks, decides and acts. The reason I was able to identify and grab growth opportunities here is the predisposal to customer centricity, problem solving and execution excellence. The traits are infused in the company’s culture and therefore one can always see young energy and ideas brewing.

Great ideas can flow in from anywhere. And, with the right support and structure, they can go onto becoming the cutting-edge solutions of the future. This is how MyGate has retained its innovative streak for over three years – and why I believe it will continue to do so for the long term.

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