MyGate Dashboard April 2022 Release Notes

In continuation to our efforts in improving usability, increasing engagement, increasing collection, reducing the operational efforts, and supporting acquisition and retention in the system, we have identified and rectified the following product gaps and also added certain valuable enhancements to the product.

Advanced invoice Sequencing

Invoice sequence management is critical to functioning of any society wrt GST filing and ordered record keeping.

This new section consolidates the default and customizable sequences to make it easier to create, verify, call and avoid duplication mismatches in the system.

RCM Purchases

To improve the quality and credibility of expense accounting, we have introduced an option to book RCM purchases. Now, a GST registered society can book their non-GST vendor purchases automatically without worrying about passing vouchers. GST-3B is also auto-populated to ensure compliance during filing.

Mumbai fine – consolidation of fine (on PDF only)

To help managers and accountants with easy circulation of the bills, Mumbai fine entries can now be consolidated to a single line so as to accommodate invoice PDF in single page. The setting is made available under the site settings and society admins can turn this on.

Cash-bank voucher bulk upload in the admin dashboard

Now the admin users can bulk upload cash-bank vouchers from the Uploads & Downloads sections in the admin dashboard.

Account Statement – PDF Print

To help the users with downloading or sharing the accountant statement with residents we have introduced PDF printing in the account statement.

Account Statement – Ascending / descending sort

Now the users can sort the account statement in ascending or descending order of the date so that comparison with other statements is now made easy. This also improved the usability of the statement since the users can sort the latest transaction to the top rather than scrolling through.

Account Statement – Penalty to be segregated as per plan & to be added to due value

To improve the understandability of the account statement, we have segregated the penalty amounts as per the bill plans. Also the accumulated penalty is added to the total due value to ensure complete clearing of dues. 

Account Statement – Period Filter

Period filter is introduced to account statements so that users can now filter out the statement for a specific time period.  

Account Statement – House Filter with Owner Name

House filter with the owner name is introduced to the account statement. This enables easy redirection to a different flat from the account statement page rather than coming back to the dues page and redirecting. 

Forum – Supporting other document formats

The discussion forum is enhanced to support the following document formats as attachments. 

  • xls
  • PDF
  • gif
  • doc
  • docx
  • csv
  • Xlsx

Forum – Improving Reply to a comment

Replies to a comment is now structured with the following changes

  • The name of the person who is replying to the original message is displayed for reference.
  • The original comment that is displayed while replying is having a reduced font size of 1 size less than the reply comment
  • Truncated the original message displayed in replies to 2-3 lines.

Prepaid – Admin level setting for low balance alert

We have introduced an admin level setting for setting up the low balance alert in case of prepaid meters. This will automatically notify the user if their prepaid balance goes below Rs 500.

Prepaid – Mode of payment transfer for Elmeasure & Neptune

Now we have started displaying the mode of payment to above vendors for prepaid meter recharges. Showing the mode of payment helps accountants and managers in reconciling the recharges. 


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