Top 10 Best Areas to Stay in Vizag

Best Areas to Stay in Vizag

Consider moving to Vizag. You are not by yourself. Vishakhapatnam is the second-largest city on the Indian east coast for a number of reasons, including its beautiful beaches, verdant hills, and limitless opportunities.

Vizag is a welcoming home for people from other towns because of its breathtaking valleys, abundant forests, ethnic culture, and modern infrastructure. It offers an excellent selection of residential neighbourhoods to accommodate various spending limits. We’ve got you covered if you’re ready for a change but don’t know where to start. After doing some research, we identified the top ten places to stay in Vizag.

Finding a place to buy a home in a big city like Vizag can be challenging. You need to take into account a number of things, including affordability, accessibility to the city, transportation, and convenience. Check out our top picks for the best places to stay in Vizag whether you’re looking to relocate or just want to research your options.

1. Seethammadhara

The first place on our list is Seethammadhara, which is a part of the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation’s administrative area. The neighbourhood has amenities that are appealing to children, families, and senior citizens. Seethammadhara, one of Vizag’s wealthiest and poshest neighbourhoods, consistently thrives as a result of its convenient access to other cities, places of worship, and recognised educational institutions.

2. MVP Colony

MVP Colony is frequently included on lists of affluent and upscale neighbourhoods in Vizag. With a population of about 250,000, the area is close to prestigious educational institutions, restaurants, temples, and hospitals. Muvvala Vani Palem Colony, also known as MVP Colony, is a well-developed neighbourhood that guarantees a pleasurable living experience. It is also referred to as Asia’s largest township.

3. Gajuwaka

Gajuwaka is the next place on our list of the best places to stay in Vizag. Additionally known as Andhra Pradesh’s largest shopping area, it ensures a harmonious balance of high-quality amenities and reasonable prices. Gajuwaka is a fantastic neighbourhood for families. It provides a large selection of ready-to-move-in apartments and flats.

4. Madhurawada

Madhurawada is a name that is indisputable when discussing the best places to stay in Vizag. It is a significant business and residential neighbourhood in Visakhapatnam and is home to some of the best schools, dining establishments, and shopping centres. Additionally, the area is abundant with fantastic residential options for homebuyers from the upper middle class and those with high incomes. Madhurawa, which ranks first on the list of upscale neighbourhoods in Vizag, provides a fantastic selection of multistory apartments, plots, and villas.

5. Yendada

On the road connecting Visakhapatnam and Madhurawada, the neighbourhood of Yendada is expanding quickly. The area has experienced a real estate boom, making apartments there the most popular choice. Numerous projects are in progress in Yendada, chosen by some of the most renowned builders. This locality will soon be added to the list of posh areas in Vizag due to its close proximity to important landmarks and ease of access to urban amenities.

6. Sujatha Nagar

Sujatha Nagar is another one of the best places to stay in Vizag because it is well-developed and connected. The neighbourhood is close to Visakhapatnam’s main commercial areas and airport. A wide range of residential options are available here. However, multi-story apartments and builder floors make up a large portion of it.

7. Maharani Peta

One of Visakhapatnam’s 46 Mandals is Maharani Peta. Its real estate portfolio is diverse and offers a good mixture of single-family homes, detached homes, and plots. It is one of the best places to stay in Vizag because the beach is close by and because buyers can invest in gorgeous beach-facing homes there. The region is surrounded by lush vegetation and is frequently regarded as an overlooked residential gem for families.

8. Pedda Waltair

The northern part of Visakhapatnam is where you can find Pedda Waltair. It is becoming a sought-after residential area among expanding families and was named after a British officer. Well-known colleges like Andhra University are located in the area, which also offers a seamless social infrastructure. The area’s proximity to important employment centres like Tech Mahindra has a favourable effect on Pedda Waltair’s property values.

9. Muralinagar

Muralinagar, formerly known for its auto showrooms, is now one of the best places to stay in Vizag. The affluent neighbourhood is home to top-notch hospitals, restaurants, and employment centres. With numerous multi-story buildings and independent homes, the neighbourhood is relatively more expensive than other upscale areas in Vizag.

10. Pendurthi

Pendurthi is a significant residential and commercial neighbourhood in Visakhapatnam’s western region. Being one of the best places to stay in Vizag, it is surrounded by lovely water features and verdant vegetation. It has a fantastic selection of single-family homes, multi-story apartments, and plots, and its commercial district is expanding tremendously. This rapidly expanding region of Vizag offers a variety of essential amenities, including bustling markets, eateries, parks, and gyms.

Best areas to stay in Vizag: The verdict

There are plenty of residential options in Visakhapatnam if you want to relocate. Vizag is the ideal city to start a new life, whether it involves changing jobs or starting a family. Explore Magic Bricks, narrow down your needs, and relocate to a neighbourhood that suits your needs both financially and lifestyle-wise. To learn more about the best places to stay in Vizag, you can also consult with friends, coworkers, or real estate agents.


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