Cost of living in Noida (UP) in 2024

Cost of living in Noida

Indian cities are the center of all attention for the adept and the deserving. The most challenging task though is budgeting in a big metropolis like Noida. Noida has long been a preferred option for homebuyers, real estate investors, and builders because of its infrastructure and proximity to the National Capital Region. The city has experienced tremendous industrial growth and urbanization. Noida houses many well-structured and sought-after nonprofit institutions and corporate entities, including those in the media and the entertainment industry. Compared to other large cities, Noida offers more rental and for-sale properties, lodging, dining, and other services.

The authority has built a variety of green belts, gardens, and parks in Noida, the city free from traffic congestion and pollution, to further enhance its pollution-free environment. Within the boundaries of Noida, a cutting-edge, effective, and comprehensive infrastructure made up of housing options, retail spaces, office buildings, and business and entertainment hubs will support the city’s expanding industrial sectors. Infrastructure in this region has existed for a long time before growth, unlike in many other industrial locations. The goal is to transform Noida into a verdant paradise.

Noida is a bustling metropolis with various leisure- and lifestyle-related activities available. The prices are, nonetheless, quite appealing compared to the amenities and facilities offered here. Many young people have moved to Noida for employment because of the IT enterprises, tech support groups for banks, and global corporations. In light of this, if a person intends to relocate to Noida, one may need to budget for these costs.

These attributes imitate Noida’s typical cost of living.

Accommodation expense

In metropolitan cities, rental housing is always a substantial area of concern. Given the size and development of this metropolis, rental costs will also vary depending on the neighborhood and if a tenant is single, married, or with children. The types of tenants and their preferences influence rent. Average rent in Noida can be as high as Rs.35,000-80,000 in affluent regions and can vary from Rs.4,000 to 7,000 in more affordable areas. Bachelors and students can easily find a 1 BHK and shared housing options like PGs for between Rs.5,000 and Rs.10,000. A decent-sized one-bedroom apartment will cost between Rs.8000 and Rs.15000 for couples and families.

Travelling expense

Noida offers a variety of transportation options, including buses, metros, and more. Metros are consistently regarded as the optimum choice due to their affordability and flexibility. Another excellent alternative for getting around is local buses. Other forms of transportation in this area include taxis, autos, and cycle rickshaws. Moreover, there are services like Ola and Uber, which are incredibly practical for travelers. However, it is always preferable to utilize one’s vehicle to cut down expenses or stay close to the place of work or institution.

Meal expenses

Food should be taken into consideration first. Cooking for yourself or hiring a cook is the most cost-effective approach to saving money. As the cost of employing a cook ranges from Rs.1500 to Rs.3000, it will result in significant financial savings. Food delivery choices like Swiggy, Zomato, and several other food delivery applications are available for everyone, primarily utilized by bachelors or students. Therefore, it all relies on how an individual wants to prepare their meals following their budget. Outside food will cost a minimum of Rs.5000 per month.

Grocery expense

The daily need can readily be met with groceries from the neighboring grocery stores. The average cost of a month’s worth of groceries is between Rs.1,000 to 2,000 or Rs.4000-6000 depending upon the family size. Through multiple delivery services like Bigbasket, Grofers, etc., one may have all of their groceries delivered to their door.

Primary and secondary education

Education for children is a crucial factor that should be given the highest priority. A child’s future will undoubtedly be established if they have received a quality education and all the resources required. In Noida, there are innumerable well-known educational institutions. In certain international and private schools, the annual tuition ranges from Rs.72000 to 3.5 lacs. The annual fee for kindergarten and playschools ranges from Rs.4000 to Rs.120000.

Entertainment expenses

Everyone requires some form of entertainment to unwind as jobs, studies, and other obligations hamper us. Noida offers an array of recreational opportunities, including sparkling nightlife, shopping complexes, cinema halls, and bars. Watching movies in Noida’s multiplexes is affordable. One can just spend their weekends shopping and doing other things in Noida malls, followed by a fancy meal at a fine restaurant. There are still many more pocket-friendly alternatives for leisure and entertainment, such as indoor gaming halls, lanes for bowling, and amusement parks outside.

When determining the cost of living in Noida, a plethora of variables is considered. Depending on the size of the family and the annual income, every individual has their prerequisites. The anticipated cost of living in Noida for students or a bachelor is relatively low than it would be for a couple or a family.

Let’s access a ballpark notion of how much Noida will cost certain folks.

Cost of living in Noida for a single person

At reasonable costs, a person can live a respectable life in Noida. If one chooses suitable PGs or apartments at affordable prices, the cost of living in Noida for a single person can be kept modest. The rest of the expenses, such as food, travel, and other ancillary costs, can be readily covered within the range of Rs.6000 to Rs.8000 apart from the flat rent which will cost around Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 for a 1 BHK. A comfortable PG with all the essential amenities, such as a geyser, food, internet, etc., will cost roughly between Rs.5000 to Rs.20,000. Therefore, in some locations, one may live comfortably for under Rs.15,000. Therefore, the average cost of Living in Noida for a single person would be between Rs.30,000 to Rs.35,000. In contrast to some luxury areas of the city with all the amenities, one could easily spend between Rs.25,000 to Rs.30,000.

Cost of living in Noida for students

It can cost students around Rs.6000 and Rs.8000 to live in a shared 1 BHK apartment in Noida. Although several good PG alternatives range from Rs.5000 to Rs.10,000. To cut down expenses self-catering will be a cost-effective substitute for employing a cook, which would run between Rs.1,500 and Rs.3000 per month. Traveling expenses can be eliminated by residing in proximity to the institution. Therefore, the average cost of living in Noida for students will be around Rs.15,000 to Rs.25,000.

Cost of living in Noida for a couple

The area a couple chooses, as well as amenities, security, and other factors, affect their cost of living in Noida. In Noida, there are some opulent areas with all the conveniences for a quality 1 BHK home costing between Rs.20,000 and Rs.40,000, as well as some more moderately priced areas where a couple may get a suitable 1 BHK flat for Rs.10,000 and Rs.20,000. The cost of living in Noida for a couple depends on how they plan their budget; expenses are determined by the standard of living, which varies depending on the location. As a result, the monthly cost of living for a couple in Noida might reach a maximum of INR 40,000–70,000.

Noida is one of the busiest cities, which is close to the capital. Nearly all modern amenities are present in the city. Expenditure is the primary concern. Accommodations, food, and transportation all contribute to the cost of living.


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