Top 10 posh residential areas in Chandigarh

Planned by the reputed French architect Le Corbusier, Chandigarh was a dream city for the first prime minister of free India Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru. The city is a shared capital for the states of Punjab and Haryana. Situated at the foothills of Shivaliks, Chandigarh is the perfect example of balanced planning. The importance of nature and greenery has led to the beautification of this city as well as maintained a perfect balance between nature and development.

Chandigarh is designed to accommodate residential and trade hubs perfectly. The city is divided into 56 sectors, each built on a 1 square mile area. These sectors are in a grid design and each of these sectors has either residential buildings or schools and administrative buildings in them. Bureaucrats, ministers, government officials, and other influential individuals are housed along with the regular populace in these sectors. Government Security agencies implement comprehensive security strategies to keep the VIP and VVIP sectors safe and secure. All of these sectors are filled with trees and greenery to balance the environment as well as make the city look outstanding. This article is going to highlight some of the posh sectors in Chandigarh that are promising in terms of prime housing societies.

1. Sector 5

The first name on the list is the Sector 5 area in Chandigarh. This sector is a VIP zone and one of the posh areas in Chandigarh. The residential infrastructure in Sector 5 is quite vivid. Bungalows with lavish designs and styles along with an adequate touch of greenery. Lots of parks can be located in the sector which makes an excellent place for kids to play and make new friends. Sector 5 houses ministers, bureaucrats, high-profile personalities, etc. Key factors of this sector are beautiful parks, stunning infrastructure, and vigilant security guards. Sukteri, Chandigarh, and Panchkula are the closest cities to Sector 5. Top-rated hospitals are situated in and around this sector to provide health support to the residents such as Amcare Hospital, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Blessings Hospital, etc. Sector 5 has various shopping malls in the vicinity ready to cater to the needs of the citizens for example DLF City Centre Mall, TDI Mall, Hi5 Mall, etc. Tightened security and features have elevated Sector 5 in the residential market in Chandigarh.

Popular housing societies in Sector 5

  • Opera Garden
  • Celestia Royal OMAXE
  • Gulati Estates
  • Ubber Palm Heights

Average price per square foot- Rs 3572

2. Sector 8

Sector 8 in Chandigarh is called the Mini Las Vegas, due to the style and arrangement the sector offers. The area is home to retired army officials and is a well-protected sector. The facilities and infrastructure of this sector rank this sector among the top 5 posh areas in Chandigarh. Houses in Sector 8 are grand in design with patios, individual garden areas, etc. The locality has beautiful parks, restaurants, cafes, showrooms, etc situated specifically to help assist the residents live an eventful and fun life. Hospitals in the vicinity offer their services which can be availed at any time. Some names of these hospitals are Life Care Masonic Charitable Hospital, Smart Heart Centre, Medco Pharma, etc. Chandigarh Junction Railway Station is the closest railway station to Sector 8. Reputed schools and colleges are located in Sector 8 to help families provide better sources of education for their children such as Swami Vivekananda Institute of Engineering, DAV Public School, New Pragati Sen Secondary School, etc.

Popular residencies in Sector 8

  • Ajanta Enclave Society
  • Silverstone Society
  • Universal Enclave

Average Price Per Square Foot- Rs 56,497

3. Sector 9

One of the best sectors in Chandigarh is Sector 9. People with an interest in living a plush and posh lifestyle favor this sector. Sector 9 also houses celebrities to several VIP individuals. The area is filled with designer bungalows, stunning villas, Kothis, and independent homes. Security in Sector 9 is very detailed and plays an important role in safeguarding the residents of the area. The sector has classy restaurants and cafes where people can spend quality time with their partners and families. Sukteri, Chandigarh, Khudda Lahora, and Panckul are the cities that are nearby Sector 9. Areas like Joggers’ Park and Govt. area for Horticulture are located in Sector 9. Healthcare facilities are right at the door and can be called for any sort of emergency. Carmel Convent School and Delhi Public Schools are some of the reputed educational institutions situated in and around Sector 9.

Popular residencies in Sector 9

  • Ashiana Enclave
  • Blossom Cooperative Society
  • SBI Officers Society
  • Omaxe Cassia

Average Price Per Square Foot- Rs 36,666

4. Sector 10

The main focus behind the design of Sector 10 was to accommodate residential apartments and educational institutes in the sector. The famous Rock Garden & Rose Garden is situated in the sector making it one of the top visited sectors of all. Punjab University and GCG are located in the area making it a viable choice to shift to this sector. Some of the well-designed houses can be located in the area along with supercars. The sector has some fine cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc to help people have a good time. Hospitals, parks, shopping malls, and movie theatres elevate the sector in the market making it a classy and well-equipped locality. Dedicated Jpggers’s Park, cycling trucks, and kids’ playgrounds make the locality an excellent chance for people with families to settle in. Sector 10 is a combination of both, residential and commercial.

Popular Residencies in Sector 10

  • Palm Residency
  • Darpam Residency
  • Uppal Marble Arch Apartments
  • Hayat Anand Residency

Average Price Per Square Foot- Rs 56,250

5. Sector 16

The next posh area in Chandigarh is Sector 16 and it is a stunning residential locality. This sector houses Supreme Court Judges, High Court Judges, IAS officers, and other influential people making the sector one of the top secure sectors of them all. This high-security area never experiences power cuts and water shortages. The residential apartments are designed beautifully and present a sense of elegance and style. Chandigarh Junction Station is the closest railway station to Sector 16. There are schools in the sector to provide top-class education to the children for example Stepping Stones Senior Secondary School, Saint Soldier International School, Manav Rachna International School, etc. City Emporium Mall, Piccadily Square Mall, Shopping Centre 17, and Elante Mall are some of the malls that are nearby. Sectors 15, 10, 11, 17, 23, and Madhya Marg are the localities close to Sector 16.

Popular Residencies in Sector 16

  • Kohli Residency
  • Mr. Blessed Residency
  • Inder Mohan Parihar Residency

Average Price Per Square Foot- Rs 9657

6. Sector 15

Sector 15 is a dedicated residential area in Chandigarh and offers reasonable housing prices compared to the rest. It is close to a prominent employment area in Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar and is surrounded by different localities such as Nayagaon, Kansal, Sukteri, Manimajra, and Daria. The locality is filled with residential apartments and lush greenery thus being an excellent choice in terms of relocation. Chandigarh railway station is 8 km in distance from the sector and Chandigarh Airport is 22 km away via Airport Road. Being very close to rajiv gandhi Chandigarh IT Park enables people to relocate to the area to have a hassle-free daily commute to their workplaces. Santokh Hospital, Dharam Hospital, and Indus Super Speciality Hospitals are some of the prominent names of the hospitals situated in the area. The famous Rehri market can be located in the sector along with markets from sectors 17 and 19 being only 5 km in distance from Sector 16.

Popular Residencies in Sector 15

  • The Indian Suntec City
  • Beverly Golf Avenue
  • Florence Park
  • Bee Gee Palm Village

Average Price Per Square Foot- Rs 34,703

7. Sector 17

The locality with a huge variety of shops and businesses and is considered Chandigarh’s heart is Sector 17. The area is generally a business hub as a wide range of hotels and brands have their branches or establishments in the sector. Vehicles are not allowed in the plaza area and the whole locality is surrounded by lush green and buildings with elegant designs. Different Govt. offices along with private offices elevated the economic condition of the sector as well as the city in the process. The sector is designed with beautiful fountains, sculptures, and tree lines. These fountains have neon lights that change the whole environment of the area at night.

Popular Residencies in Sector 17

  • Kashyap Residency
  • Santosh Kumari Residency
  • ABP Residency
  • Shekhawat Residency

Average Price Per Square Foot- Rs 5370

8. Sector 23

One of the first designed sectors in Chandigarh, Sector 23 has the traditional touch as well as a contemporary style to better present the locality to the rest of the world. The sector is famous for its silver and gold markets. There are various silver and gold manufacturers in the area with their establishments. The housing planning of this area is restricted to a handful of buildings and independent houses. Sector 23 is connected to the rest of the city by the beautifully paved roads surrounding and interconnecting the entire city. The sector presents a sense of nostalgia in terms of design and outlook. The view of red bricks along with greenery has produced a picture of a balanced sector in front of the world. The government buildings in the area are built using red bricks giving the place a path to nostalgia for the inhabitants of the sector. Sector 23 is the oldest sector that was situated in the year 1954 by the famous French architect Le Corbusier.

Popular Residencies in Sector 23

  • Kumar Residency
  • Silver Birch
  • The Address

Average Price Per Square Foot- Rs 9444

9. Sector 33

One of the most decorated and designed sectors is Sector 33. The locality is favored by the business class people. Stylish homes, gigantic villas, and independent houses are constructed in the sector to accommodate a large number of people living and migrating from different parts of the country. Well-maintained gardens and great infrastructural facilities are the reasons why business families are opting to stay in Sector 33. Ryan International School, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Guru Nanak Public School, and Paragon Convent School are some of the educational institutions situated in sector 33. Sectors 44b, 34, 32, 20, 45, and 46 are the nearby localities and Landmark Hospital is the closest medical facility. Synergyworks Solutions LLP, Graycell Technologies, and Smaran Software Technologies LLP are some of the commercial centers where job seekers and professionals can get hired.

Popular Residencies in Sector 33

  • Aura Homes
  • Casa Grande
  • Trishla Apartments
  • Hermitage Centrails

Average Price Per Square Foot- Rs 24,277

10. Sector 38

Sector 38 is by far the most calm locality among the list of posh areas in Chandigarh. The locality is near Mohali, Kharar, Baddi, and Ropar. Sector 38 is situated in Chandigarh’s west and is going to see visible changes in the residential area. National Highway and Shanti Path connects Sector 38 with the rest of the city. Sector 38 is 9 km away from the inter-state bus terminal via Vidya Path and Chandigarh railway station is 12 km away from the sector. Chandigarh airport is at a distance of 21 km but can be reached via Shanti Path. Panchkula IT Park can be reached via Madhya Marg which is at a distance of 18 km. Reputed hospitals and medical centers are only 5 km away and can be accessed when their services are required. Healing Hospital, Chandigarh Municipality Hospital, and Guru Nanak Multispeciality Hospital are some examples.

Popular Residencies in Sector 38

  • DRDO Residential Complex
  • Marwah Residence
  • Tushar Mangla Residence

Average Price Per Square Foot- Rs 9186

11. Sector 44

Surrounded by nature, Sector 44 is considered one of the top residential localities in Chandigarh. The sector is connected to the rest of the areas in the city by Vikas Marg, Himalaya Marg, Shanti Path, and Sarovar Path. Chandigarh station is just 10 km away from the sector and can be reached by Sukhna Path. The Chandigarh airport is only 16 km from Sector 44 and people can cover the distance via the Airport road. Sector 44 is only 5 km from the Mohali Employment hub and can be reached via Chandigarh Road or Vikas Marg.

Popular Residencies in Sector 44

  • Pency Residency
  • Tanmay Residency
  • Kittu Residency

Average Price Per Square Foot- Rs 10,751

Summing up

The city of hearts is witnessing massive changes in residential development along with sustaining nature. This has led to the picturesque view of the city sitting on the foothills of the Shivalik. Improved facilities and recent developments have accelerated the curiosity among millions of young aspirants about the lifestyle of Chandigarh. The elaborate design of the city has benefitted the inhabitants by providing them with necessities right at their doorstep. The areas that are mentioned before are well-known posh areas that can be considered as a perfect place to relocate.

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