Top 10 Posh Residential Areas in Faridabad

posh residential areas in faridabad

Faridabad, an Indian city in the state of Haryana, has undergone fast urban growth, making it a popular destination for individuals looking for a luxurious lifestyle. Faridabad offers a perfect fusion of luxury, convenience, and green areas due to its close proximity to Delhi and great accessibility via highways and the metro. This thorough guide will delve into the top 10 posh areas in Faridabad, examining their distinctive characteristics, significant transportation alternatives, well-liked parks, reputable hospitals, reputable schools and universities, and recreational locations that cater to the needs of the discerning elite.

1. Sector 14, Faridabad

Sector 14 stands out as a distinguished residential neighborhood in the center of Faridabad that is well known for its peace and opulent living. With its tree-lined streets and well-kept parks, this sought-after neighborhood offers the ideal fusion of modernism and unspoiled beauty, resulting in a tranquil living environment. Professionals seeking a stress-free commute will find that major transport alternatives, such as the Faridabad Metro, offer easy access to Delhi and other areas of the city. Residents in Sector 14 have access to prestigious schools like Apeejay School and Modern Delhi Public School, guaranteeing their children a top-notch education. Aside from that, locals can enjoy leisurely activities at the lovely Town Park or participate in sports at the nearby Nahar Singh Stadium.

Top gated communities in Sector 14

  • Green Park Resident Welfare Society

Average price per square foot: ₹16,620

2. Sector 31, Faridabad

Away from the bustle of the city, Sector 31 offers a peaceful and opulent living environment. This premium neighborhood has roomy villas and luxurious apartments that are surrounded by tranquil landscapes and flora, providing homeowners with a peaceful living experience in the middle of nature. Residents may relax about their children’s education and their medical requirements because they have easy access to reputable educational institutions and healthcare facilities. Residents can spend time at parks like Friends Colony Park and Surdas Park for leisure and recreational activities, which will refresh their bodies and minds.

Top gated communities in Sector 31

  • Spring Field
  • RPS Paras Apartments
  • Indraprastha Apartments
  • Jalvayu Vihar

Average price per square foot: ₹14,498

3. Sector 21C, Faridabad

Sector 21C stands out as an affluent community that provides a comprehensive modern living experience amidst tranquil greenery. Its upmarket residential developments, which include opulent villas and opulent flats, are designed to suit the refined tastes of the affluent. The Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) and Mathura Road provide good connectivity for the area, ensuring easy access to other sections of the city and beyond. Reputable educational institutions and medical facilities, like St. Thomas Senior Secondary School and QRG Central Hospital, are accessible to locals. The area also has lovely parks, such as Green Valley Park, where locals can enjoy leisurely strolls in the great outdoors, encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle.

Top gated communities in Sector 21C

  • Zion Onyxe Tower
  • Golf Enclave Apt
  • Grand Vista Apartments
  • Neelkanth Apartments

Average price per square foot: ₹12,700

4. Sector 17, Faridabad

One of Faridabad’s long-established upscale neighborhoods, Sector 17 offers a tasteful blend of opulent flats and standalone homes, claiming its rightful place amongst the top posh areas in Faridabad. The area’s abundant greenery, contemporary infrastructure, and convenient access to necessary facilities all add to its attraction. Well-known institutions like St. Thomas Senior Secondary School and medical facilities like Metro Heart Institute are accessible. In parks like Surdas Park and the Surajkund Mela Ground, locals can engage in recreational activities, fostering a strong sense of community.

Top gated communities in Sector 17

  • Sunshine Apartments

Average price per square foot: ₹13,749

5. Sector 9, Faridabad

Sector 9, one of Faridabad’s oldest and most affluent neighborhoods, offers a timeless fusion of elegance and contemporary conveniences. High-end residential complexes, including flats and standalone homes, are abundant in the area and provide luxury seekers with a variety of options. Residents have access to world-class educational and medical services thanks to hospitals like Metro Heart Institute and well-known schools like Delhi Public School. Residents can spend their free time at Sector 12 Park or have a great time shopping at Gold Adlabs Cinema and other adjacent malls.

Top gated communities in Sector 9

  • Bptp Parkland Villas

Average price per square foot: ₹11,652

6. Sector 10, Faridabad

Sector 10 has a distinguished past and is still regarded amongst the posh areas in Faridabad. The region has a wide range of luxury apartments, standalone homes, and green parks, offering the ideal living environment for wealthy families. Due to the locality’s advantageous position, inhabitants may easily access healthcare services, educational institutions, and other facilities that are necessary for their daily requirements. Residents can unwind at Raja Nahar Singh Palace or visit the neighboring Sector 12 Market, which offers a variety of food and shopping options, for leisure and recreational pursuits.

Top gated communities in Sector 10

  • Mango Ville

Average price per square foot: ₹11,220

7. Sector 19, Faridabad

With its expensive flats and detached homes surrounded by well-kept parks, Sector 19 oozes luxury. The peaceful setting and cutting-edge amenities in the neighborhood produce a comfortable living environment for locals. Sector 19 is a highly sought-after neighborhood for individuals seeking grandeur due to its good connectivity to the city’s major areas. Parks like Green Belt Park and Town Park provide recreational opportunities for locals, encouraging an active lifestyle amidst the tranquility of nature.

Top gated communities in Sector 19

  • Hewo Flats
  • Piyush Heights

Average price per square foot: ₹10,666

8. Sector 28, Faridabad

An upscale residential community with first-rate developments and first-rate infrastructure, Sector 28 stands out. People like the lush vegetation, well-designed roadways, and close access to important facilities, such as schools, hospitals, and retail malls, which offer a seamless and practical way of life. The lifestyle in Sector 28 is a seamless fusion of luxury and comfort, with recreational areas like Sudesh Park and the Badkhal Lake Tourist Complex offering chances for leisure and relaxation.

Top gated communities in Sector 28

  • Tarang Orchids

Average price per square foot: ₹10,666

9. Sector 46, Faridabad

Affluent Sector 46 delivers a privileged living with its well-constructed homes and tranquil surroundings. The region provides a variety of luxury residential complexes with cutting-edge amenities and first-rate connections, ensuring inhabitants lead pleasant lives close to everything. Sector 46 provides for the demands of those wanting a sophisticated living environment, whether they are families or working professionals. Residents have plenty of possibilities to unwind and relax in a green and peaceful environment thanks to recreational areas like Eldeco Station 1 Mall and parks like Green Field Park and Friends Colony Park.

Top gated communities in Sector 46

  • Leisure Valley Apartment Society
  • Hill View Apartments
  • Shivalik Apartments
  • Dhruv Apartments

Average price per square foot: ₹8,950

10. Sector 30, Faridabad

An affluent area known for its opulent homes and lush environs is Sector 30. Residents can enjoy a peaceful lifestyle enhanced by a variety of contemporary amenities, ensuring a pleasant and opulent way of life. It is a popular choice for upscale living because of its advantageous location, which guarantees quick access to important monuments. Recreational areas like Sector 31 HUDA Park and BPTP Park give locals opportunities for leisure pursuits and support a balanced lifestyle.

Top gated communities in Sector 30

  • RPS Paras Apartments
  • Indraprastha Apartments

Average price per square foot: ₹8,361

Notable mentions of other affluant parts of the city

11. Green Fields, Faridabad

Green Fields is known for its opulent lifestyle and provides its residents with a well-designed community. This upscale neighborhood offers an incredible variety of housing alternatives, including roomy bungalows, gorgeous villas, and luxury apartments that suit different tastes. The neighborhood is well-connected to Delhi and other adjacent locations by important transportation routes like Mathura Road and Badarpur-Faridabad Road. Residents have access to top-notch medical care thanks to eminent healthcare facilities including Asian Hospital and Fortis Escorts Hospital. Also, Green Fields residents can indulge in a lovely shopping experience at Pristine Mall and unwind in the tranquil setting of Green Valley Park for their recreational requirements.

Top gated communities in Green Fields

  • Greenfields Colony
  • Urban Blossom

Average price per square foot: ₹7,126

12. Sector 15, Faridabad

Sector 15 is one of the notable affluent areas in Faridabad and a distinguished residential neighborhood that personifies the perfect mix of status and convenience. The neighborhood offers inhabitants a variety of luxury living alternatives with its combination of upscale apartments and standalone homes. The Ballabhgarh Metro Station and other convenient transportation choices make it simple for professionals to get to their workplaces in the city. For families looking for a top-notch education for their children, Sector 15 is a great option because it is home to reputable educational facilities like Modern Vidya Niketan and DAV Public School. Residents can visit Crown Inner Mall for entertainment and shopping, while a trip to the tranquil Surdas Park is always refreshing for recreational pursuits.

Top gated communities in Sector 15

  • Chirag bhalla Housing society

Average price per square foot: ₹6,700

13. Sector 16A, Faridabad

With its premium homes and immaculate surroundings, Sector 16A serves as a monument to luxury. The neighborhood is a combination of opulent villas and high-end flats that are intended to provide a seamless fusion of luxury and comfort. The Faridabad New Town Train Station is only one of the major transit hubs that are conveniently accessible from its strategic position, making it a great option for professionals looking for opulent living quarters with a stress-free commute. For a fun outing with family and friends, locals can take advantage of the recreational activities at neighboring leisure destinations including Neelam Cinema and Crown Interior Mall.

Top gated communities in Sector 16A

  • Green Park Resident Welfare Society
  • Hewo Apartment

Average price per square foot: ₹7,885

14. Surajkund, Faridabad

Luxury living and peaceful surroundings are exquisitely combined in Surajkund, a posh neighborhood in Faridabad. A lavish lifestyle is offered by the area’s upscale residential complexes, which include villas and flats. Surajkund is a calm retreat for the affluent due to its proximity to the lovely Surajkund Lake and serene atmosphere. To ensure enjoyable encounters amidst stunning scenery, locals can explore recreational locations like the Shri Balaji Temple and the Surajkund Mela Ground.

Top gated communities in Surajkund

  • Ibiza Town Surajkund

Average price per square foot: ₹6,260

15. Sector 21D, Faridabad

Luxury independent homes and apartments with a modern flair could be found in the exclusive neighborhood of Sector 21D. Wealthy people find the area to be a handy choice due to its advantageous position and proximity to business and transit hubs. Residents’ needs are met by major medical centers like Metro Heart Center and educational institutes like Faridabad Convent School. In order to relax and enjoy their free time, locals can visit the close-by Crown Interior Mall and parks such as Green Field Park.

Top gated communities in Sector 21D

  • Manglam Regency
  • Palmwood Estate
  • Prabhu Apartments
  • The Sangam
  • Surya Apartments

Average price per square foot: ₹7,389

16. Sector 33, Faridabad

A sophisticated living experience within scenic surroundings is promised by the growing premium neighborhood of Sector 33. For those looking for an upmarket lifestyle, its luxury residential complexes and strong infrastructure make it a promising investment location. There are many chances for outdoor leisure and enjoyment in the neighborhood thanks to recreational areas including Friends Colony Park and Nehru Ground.

Top gated communities in Sector 33

  • Ashoka Enclave Society

Average price per square foot: ₹6,500

17. Neharpar, Faridabad

Neharpar, also known as Greater Faridabad, is a new affluent neighborhood with a variety of luxury homes. Neharpar, a region undergoing rapid growth, provides excellent investment opportunities as well as a contemporary and pleasant way of life. Residents’ needs are met by renowned medical facilities like the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences and educational institutes like the Aravali International School. Residents have access to Neharpar Park and Ansal Crown Plaza for recreational activities, guaranteeing they have entertainment and recreation options.

Top gated communities in Neharpar

  • New Indira Complex
  • High-tech Housing

Average price per square foot: ₹7,780

18. Sector 86, Faridabad

With cutting-edge housing developments and first-rate facilities, Sector 86 is a developing premium neighborhood. A highly desirable alternative for both residents and investors, the neighborhood benefits from a strategic position and bright future prospects. Reputable medical centers like the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences and schools like Vidya Sanskar International School provide excellent services to the neighborhood, ensuring inhabitants have access to basic necessities. As a way to unwind, locals can visit Sector 87 Park and the nearby Omaxe World Street, which fosters a sense of community and encourages a healthy way of life.

Top gated communities in Sector 86

  • Omaxe Heights
  • Edlewiess Omaxe heights society
  • Merton Tower
  • Princess park

Average price per square foot: ₹6,029


The top 10 posh areas in Faridabad are the height of luxury and provide a wide range of options for a remarkable living environment. These areas offer a well-balanced fusion of luxury, modernism, and unspoiled nature. Residents can enjoy a really affluent lifestyle in Faridabad thanks to the city’s numerous transportation alternatives, prestigious educational institutions, reputable hospitals, and recreational areas. To make an informed and satisfying investment choice as you begin your search for the ideal address, take into account the distinctive qualities of each community.


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