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It’s common knowledge that Managing Committee and RWA members have their hands full with daily society issues, over and above handling certain monthly and periodic society management tasks. With MyGate’s diverse and intuitive ‘Task Assignment and Management’ functionality, a great deal can be set on auto-reminder/auto-update mode so that you never have to run around for chores at the last minute. MyGate has multiple easy-to-use in-built tools to handle the smallest to the most complex society management tasks with highly user-friendly features and customizable templates. 

In practical matters, a society functions through the collaboration of MC, maintenance staff, service providers, and residents. Each stakeholder must do their part on time for everything to flow smoothly. 

Common examples of routine and recurring management tasks done by MC, facilities manager, and/or service staff in a typical housing society: 


  • A monthly collection of maintenance dues
  • Salaries of maintenance and service staff
  • Invoicing members for bills and acknowledgment of payment received
  • Society bank account maintenance (current/savings/FD)

Vendor payments

  • Common light and water bill
  • Waste collection 
  • Plumber, electrician, gardener, etc.
  • Water tanker services


  • In-site composting management
  • Monthly inventory/supplies/hardware hauls
  • Lift AMC and maintenance
  • Service/Boiler room AMC 
  • Gardening supplies and disposal
  • Overhead tank cleaning and maintenance
  • Fire safety drills/safety equipment inspection
  • Pool, gym, clubhouse AMC and monthly maintenance
  • Booking amenities for residents monthly
  • Solar panels/water/light meter/parking space routine maintenance


  • Task list for society’s festivals and events
  • Inspection, repair of electrical devices in common premises (light bulb/fixtures)
  • Tasks and communication to be carried out for general/annual/special meetings

Why is it important to schedule society’s tasks?

Professional, swift, and precise management of society’s affairs is the prime responsibility of all committee members. Time management and nuanced scheduling is of the essence to get maximum work accomplished with minimum efforts. 

Accounting, financial transactions, bill payments, and bookkeeping, even at a society level, is a set of complicated tasks which need meticulous attention. 

Recurring tasks like monthly maintenance payments, lift maintenance visits, sewage treatment plant maintenance, composting unit maintenance, etc. need to be carried out at frequent intervals as required by the owner’s manual. For instance, failure to service the elevators or DC units could lead to potential accidents, injuries, and even fatalities in some cases. 

Mismanagement of any of the society’s amenities, such as overbooking or biased booking of the pool, gym, clubhouse, etc. could lead to discontent and complaints against MC. 

Running out of inventory like cleaning supplies, waste management tools, electronic supplies, and other utilities could lead to delay in daily general maintenance and repair tasks. 

Delayed or stuck payments, either from monthly maintenance dues or pending payments to vendors can lead to disruption of common essential services like water and electricity, hence tracking and automation of financial transactions is imperative to avoid complications. 

Lack of accountability within committee members and unruly assignment of responsibility can lead to chaos within the structure and leave a wide-open room for blame game and conflict. 

It’s only logical to assign different tasks to different committee members and admin staff officially in one single interface on an all-in-one task management platform so that there’s complete transparency and accountability. 

Setting up task assignment and management with MyGate app

Here’s how you can add staff

1. Login to dashboard.mygate.com
2. Click on People Hub icon present on the left-hand side of the screen
3. Click on Add Staff option
4. Enter the required details
5. Click on Add 

Here’s how you can create non-recurring tasks

1. Click on the Society icon present on the left-hand side of the screen
2. Click on Tasks option
3. Under Non-Recurring Task, click on Create
4. Enter the required details and click on Create

Here’s how you can create recurring tasks

1. Click on the Society icon present on the left-hand side of the screen
2. Click on Tasks option
3. Under Non-Recurring Task, click on Create
4. Enter the required details and click on Create

Why MyGate ERP?

Managing a society’s various routine and recurring affairs with mnemonic devices, post-it notes and phone reminders is like building a real house with Legos. You wouldn’t get very far and it would be impractical and inconvenient to live in. 

Here’s why you should use ‘Task Assignment and Management’

  • Auto assignment based on categories of tasks and status tracking
  • Ability to add or remove staff members/committee members and reassign workflow assignment
  • Easy to use interface
  • Simple configurations to get you started
  • Assignment of residents’ complaints to the relevant department, like plumbing, cleaning, electrician, etc. with the features to manage staff roster and track status of service requests and auto-escalation. 
  • Editable Vendor Master for lists of vendors with complete details like department, bank details, contact numbers.
  • End-to-end asset management with Asset Categorisation where admin can assign asset management to service staff
  • Complete inventory management assignment and tracking with location,  usage, custodians, and department
  • Auto reminders for Annual Maintenance Contracts with vendor details and contact information.
  • Flexible slot configuration for amenities bookings on a per-flat/monthly basis with custom slots with minutes, hours, or days duration along with sending amenities booking notifications to the facilities manager. 
  • Automation of monthly maintenance bill payments based on date/period for auto billing to residents with customised billing options, auto-calculation of charges, and SMS/Email reminders for residents to pay on time.
  • Timely auto-settling of bills through advance payments and arrears calculations.
  • Auto-generation of receipt of payment and tracking dues and overdues for each resident in app.
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