6 Things To Pay Attention To While Generating E-Invoices

Activation of E-Invoicing marks the movement of society towards a serious billing flow. Since the invoices are declared to the GST authorities in real time, it becomes crucial to curate all the details before actual billing. To help our customers, we publish error messages and block the invoicing process in case of insufficient data.

Here are messages you might see while generating e-invoices. And the reason why you’re seeing them.

1. Mandatory HSN Submission

The following two conditions – Template Creation & Penalty Setting – are validated along with the mandatory buyer and seller details before allowing you to go forward with the billing process. HSN submission is mandatory for both of them.

2. Count of B2B Houses

The count of B2B houses configured with the amount within the template is displayed during the generation process to remind the user about the E-Invoices being generated.

3. E-Invoice Label

The E-Invoice label appears alongside the batch ID number in case the batch contains a house that is GST registered. The E-Invoice Alert label appears alongside the batch ID number in case the batch has not been completed or failed with an IRN generation.

4. Aggregate Counts

The aggregate count of the B2B houses and IRN numbers generated is displayed on the details page of the batch ID.

5. B2B Labels

The GST-registered houses are denoted with a B2B label alongside their names.

6. IRN Entries Tracker

With an IRN entries tracker, you can easily track and monitor the status and movement of e-invoices vis-a-vis IRN numbers. This enables better visibility into the invoice lifecycle, including invoice generation, submission, acceptance, and retrials in case of failure. It helps you stay organized and maintain control over your invoicing processes by offering various filters of flat, status, request & document types, etc.

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