Make one-click maintenance payments on MyGate

Enjoy contactless payments, instant receipts and great savings on society dues payments

The beginning of every month can be a stressful time. You’re keeping track of all the payments to be made – society dues, household bills, rent, and daily staff salaries. Add to this the hassle of having everything scattered across cash, cheques, e-wallets etc. Now remember that you might have to follow up with various people for receipts and acknowledgements. Already feeling exhausted?

This is where MyGate payments can be of help. It is a quick and easy way to pay and manage your community bills via a single app with a payment option of your choice and without hefty convenience fees.

Why pay society dues on MyGate?

  • Contactless one-click digital payments 
  • View dues by date, month and year in the app 
  • Receive maintenance overdue reminders & never miss a payment
  • Download receipts of paid dues and other society bills 
  • Pay via credit cards, debit cards, UPI or e-wallet options 
  • Payments will be acknowledged via SMS/Email 
  • 0% charges on RuPay Debit Card Transactions
  • Access your entire transaction history in a single place
  • Get updates on the current status of your payment
  • Connect with MyGate support for payment related queries

How to pay society dues

1. Tap on the ‘Community’ tab
2. Click on the ‘Society Charges’ card
3. Click on ‘Pay Society Charges’ on the invoice raised
4. Select the mode of transaction – UPI, Debit/Credit Card, Net Banking, Wallet and click on ‘Checkout’
5. Enter the details and click on ‘Pay’
– For UPI, enter the UPI ID For Debit/Credit Card, enter the card details
– For Net Banking, select the bank and login
– For wallet, select the wallet and login
6. The convenience charges are displayed on the screen. Click on ‘Continue’ to make the payment

With MyGate Payments, you can also pay house rent, utility bills and domestic staff salaries the quick and easy way. Get started with MyGate Payments today.

**This feature is available under MyGate’s ERP Package. Contact your management committee or MyGate relationship manager to enable Maintenance Payments in your society today!

MyGate ERP comes with a number of other useful features including quick access to essentials, healthcare at home, digital society updates, and emergency alerts in case of crisis.

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